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Dr. Gregory Butler is one of the tritagonists of Happy Death Day and the main antagonist in Happy Death Day 2U. In the second dimension, he is revealed to be the Babyface Killer instead of Lori Spengler, with his wife Stephanie acting as his accomplice.

He was portrayed by Charles Aitken.


Happy Death Day

He is seen in his class after he finished and was about to leave, Tree then goes to visit him since they still have an affair behind his wife Stephanie's back, something she was completely oblivious to. Lori also has feelings for him and was upset that Tree had been chosen as mistress over her. During the time loop, Tree decides to end her relationship with him. After this he doesn't appear for the rest of the movie.

Happy Death Day 2U

Unlike the first timeline he's not having an affair with Tree, but with Lori instead. Since Tree wasn't having an affair with him and only Lori is, Tree realizes that this Lori isn't trying to kill her. Tree soon saw Dr. Butler and his wife arguing about this after she found out about it.

Butler and his wife then conspired together to cover up the affair, so he disguises John Tombs as the Babyface Killer and sets him free to kill Lori. Tree eventually realizes that Dr. Butler himself is Lori's killer and he revealed himself to Tree and her friends. As his wife shot Lori, he then attacks Tree again as his wife gives him the gun to kill Tree, but he fatally shoots Stephanie instead.

As he is about to kill Tree for good, Carter then distracts him so that Tree can escape and he chases her to an exam room with an MRI Machine. As he is about to kill her, Tree turns the machine on. Butler is then pinned against the machine and stabbed to death with a screwdriver.


  • Tree Gelbman - Multiple times
  • Carter Davis - Multiple times
  • Lori Spengler - Multiple times
  • Stephanie Butler - Shot to death