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It's never lupus...
~ House's catchphrase.
It’s a basic truth of the human condition that everybody lies. The only variable is about what.
~ Dr. Gregory House

Dr. Gregory House is the titular main protagonist of the television drama, House, MD. Although he is generally seen as a brilliant and talented doctor and a saver of lives, he will use any means necessary to achieve his goals, regardless of ethics or legality. He is a brilliant diagnostician who uses his genius-level intellect to diagnose and treat patients with the most difficult cases.

He was portrayed by Hugh Laurie, who also played David Nix in Tomorrowland, Jasper in 101 Dalmatians, and Prince George IV in Blackadder.



House is tall and thin. He has salt-and-pepper hair, unkempt stubble, and blue eyes. He walks with a cane. He usually wears unprofessional clothing, such as T-shirts, and refuses to wear a white coat.


House is extremely misanthropic, and believes most people are stupid, selfish, and unethical. He views his patients more as entertaining puzzles to solve. Despite this, he does on some level care about his patients and will always put in every effort to help them. That being said, he usually refuses to see them directly, and when he does, he is rude, abrasive, and sarcastic he also treats his staff and coworkers with the same contempt. House is extremely egotistical and displays signs of narcissism, although he will paradoxically show occasional signs of self loathing. House rarely follows hospital rules or government law, and will often go out of his way to violate rules.


Early Life

House was raised by an abusive father. Since his father was in the military, House traveled a lot. He had no real friends growing up. He learned many languages along his travels, although he often pretended not to speak these languages in order to avoid dealing with people. While his father was stationed in Japan, he saw a janitor working in a hospital. Despite being a Buraku or untouchable, the doctors were forced to heed the janitors medical advice. This is what inspired House to become a doctor, despite his contempt for people.

House initially attended Johns Hopkins, but was expelled for cheating. He completed his medical training at the University of Michigan. He achieved board certification in both Nephrology and Internal Medicine. Even though he was a world-renowned genius, few would hire him because of his unethical methods. His former classmate, Lisa Cuddy, agreed to hire him.

At a medical conference, House befriended Doctor James Wilson. After Wilson was arrested for property damage, House bailed him out.


Ten years before the start of the series, House moved in with his girlfriend, Stacy Warner. Five years into their relationship, House had an infarction in his leg. The best treatment would have been amputation, but house refused, and demanded an embolectomy instead, despite the risk for infection and death. House asked to be put into a medically induced coma for the pain. While in the coma, Stacy had them remove the necrotic muscle to reduce the risk of death. This left House with a permanent limp and chronic leg pain. He needed Vicodin for the pain and became addicted. House and Stacy eventually broke up.


Throughout the series, House committed many crimes and ethical violations. However, he was almost never penalized. After his girlfriend, Lisa Cuddy, broke up with him, House drove his car into her house. House then fled to Mexico for a few months, although he was later arrested. After a year in prison, House was released on probation under the supervision of Dr. Eric Foreman.

After significant property damage, House was going to be arrested for parole violation. However, his best friend, Wilson, was going to die of cancer before House would end up getting released. House then faked his death in a fire in order to spend time with Wilson before he died.


  • House is based off the literary character, Sherlock Holmes and the whole show itself is a very unique and loose adaptation of the series with many references included within it.
  • Dr. Gregory House was Hugh Laurie's breakout role in the United States in spite of already being a household name in the UK.
  • Hugh Laurie's American accent was apparently so convincing that it fooled producer Bryan Singer into thinking he was merely an obscure American actor after claiming that it was "essential" House be played by an American. To this day many fans are still surprised to find out that he's actually English.



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