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Dr. Harold Leibermann is a minor antagonist in the Alex Rider book Scorpia.

He was in league with SCORPIA and he was orchestrating their operation. He made it sure that nanoshells could infect a whole city's children and kill them when the nanoshells broke up. Dr. Leibermann was described by Julia Rothman as a very boring man, but necessary. Dr. Leibermann was in charge of Consanto Enterprises and he was their chairman. Dr. Leibermann was obviously acting like he had something to hide, so Alex Rider broke in when he was down in Italy. Alex got into Monsanto and he snuck around, trying to find evidence. He found some evil-looking eggs which were used for carrying nanoshells, but he didn't know it.

He also heard Dr. Leibermann talking about a cold chain. He had seen Dr. Leibermann at the Widow's Palace in Venice and knew what he was doing, but Dr. Leibermann was greedy and wanted a bonus. Julia Rothman said she would give him a bonus. But then she sent Nile to kill him. Nile appeared at Monsanto, which is where Alex saw him again. Dr. Leibermann was interrogating Alex over his break in and was worried about his infiltration but Nile came in and said he would handle it. Leiberman said he wasn't expecting to see Nile, but Nile said he'd kill Alex.

Dr. Leibermann said he couldn't kill Alex here, he'd get blood everywhere, but Nile said it would go "straight through the head and into the brain, there'll be very little blood." Nile threw his sword but it hit Dr. Leibermann, whom Nile had actually been aiming at all along. Dr. Leibermann looked confused before falling down dead. Julia Rothman said the doctor "wasn't a nice man and I don't think anyone will miss him. In fact, I'd be surprised if his wife didn't send us a thank you card." She made a joke about his death was a "shot in the arm" for SCORPIA.


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