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Dr. Hatch is a major villain in Twisted Metal: Black. He only appears in No-Face's story.


Dr. Hatch was a fan of Frank McCutcheon who was originally a boxer. He bet $20,000 on Frank to win a match. However, Frank lost the match which resulted in Dr. Hatch losing the bet and his money. Frank also became horribly injured during the match. He was sent to Dr. Hatch for facial surgery.

Angry over the lost bet, the doctor removed Frank's eyes and tongue. He also sewed Frank's mouth completely shut. Frank became known as No-Face and he was sent to Blackfield Asylum.

No-Face entered the Twisted Metal tournament to find Dr. Hatch and get revenge. He manages to win the contest and get his wish. The tournament's host, Calypso, ties Dr. Hatch to a punching bag. No-Face is given a boxing glove aligned with knives, needles, and other sharp objects. He uses the glove to strike the Dr. Hatch's face. As a result, the doctor dies from the punch. Satisfied, No-Face drives away in his automobile.


  • During the entire operation, Dr. Hatch listens to a classical song. Vesti la Giubba is the name of it.
  • No-Face narrates the story even though his mouth is sewn shut. His narration is possibly an inner monologue.
  • Dr. Hatch never removes his face mask.
  • There are three villainous doctors, including Dr. Hatch, in the Twisted Metal series. The other doctors include Dr. Rhoemer and Dr. Zemu. Each person appears in a different installment of the the Twisted Metal series.


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