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The game is rigged, Von Duct. Villains don't win. It's impossible. Somebody will always stop us. And deep down, I've always known that. Every morning, I get up knowing I'm gonna lose. But I keep trying, and you know why? Because I f*cking hate myself. Just like you hate yourself. The reason why we're villains, is because we're f*cking losers. And the world knows it. And we... hate them for that. Because deep down, we know they're right. Villains are just people who think they're important and can't stand that the world doesn't see it. All this? This is about two guys who can't admit what they've always known... That we are f*cking. Losers. And we always will be.
~ Dr. Havoc to Professor Von Duct, Episode 30

Dr. Havoc is the villain protagonist of the SVOD Fullscreen web series Dr. Havoc's Diary. Darren Havoc is the husband of Kim Havoc and father of Ally Havoc.


Dr. Havoc is a middle-aged man with gray hair, blue eyes and a short gray beard that connects to his sideburns.

Underneath his white lab coat, he wears a blue top, gray pants, and black work shoes. Despite that, he has the most outfit changes of any character in the show.


Dr. Havoc is meant to be a parody of supervillains in superhero stories. Havoc is quite pratical, pragmatic, and has many standards, seeing why there's no reason to NOT just shoot the Secret Agent instead of having a dramatic killing method like a pit of sharks or an army of bees. In fact, despite being a villain, he is ironically one of the most sensible people in the entire series.

He will often subvert a cliche by making commentary about it, such as when, in Episode 9, he and Brock were on top of a moving train, Havoc is the only one understandably frightened and complaining that the decision was nothing but a bad, bad idea.

Despite being a workaholic, he cares deeply for his wife Kim, and their 16-year-old daughter Ally.

Even if his plans fail thanks to Secret Agent Brock Mason and other forces (inside and outside), Havoc never gives up. However, he at one point nearly committed suicide when Kim divorced him, took his daughter, and left him for Brock.

He has the habit of recording his adventures and misadventures in his diary at the end of every single day, whether the events be positive or negative (an exception being on the day Kim divorced him).


In 1996, he and Kim first met and fell in love when he was holding everybody up during a bank robbery. Seeing how pathetic he was, bank clerk Kim gives him some tips on how to be a proper villain. Needing the money in order to build his lair, Havoc and Kim decided to team up together. They eventually got married, and had Ally in 2000.

Havoc was usurped by Professor Von Duct while the former was up in space in Episode 28.

Dr. Havoc's Diary Entries

So, Diary, it looks like the lesson we learned today is if you're gonna buy a photon laser, always, always spring for the warranty.
~ Episode 1
So, Diary, I spent the entire day with my daughter. I got her the car she wanted. And she even shot my arch-nemesis for me. I gotta say, today I'm a pretty proud dad. (Beat) Suck on that, Becky Hammond's mom.
~ Episode 5
Dear Diary: f*ck trains.
~ Episode 9
And so, Diary, uh, although we may be enemies... I think I made a friend today. Which is... actually really good, 'cause I needed a black friend.
~ Episode 16
And so, Diary, I may have ended today half-deaf, trapped in a sinking can of human feces... but on the bright side, it does sound like I’m doing better than Brock Mason. ...That f*cking piece of sh*t.
~ Episode 17
And so, Diary, while I’m relieved to no longer be enslaved by a robot overlord, I’ve got to say, it’s a little sobering that a supercomputer ran through every possible scenario of my existence and decided it would be better to rip its own head off than live my life.
~ Episode 19