Dr. Heep is the secondary antagonist of the movie Baby Geniuses.

He is portrayed by Christopher Lloyd.


Dr. Heep first appears when Sly sees him and looks at him in fear. He then tells one of the guards that he will tomorrow explain how a mere toddler manages to escape from a laboratory 25 stories below ground and he orders the guards to take Sylvester to the secret lab.

After that, Dr. Heep returns to the lab to request access to the operation twincomp, a voice in the operation explains that twincomp is designed to prove the superiority of the Kinder Method of child rearing.

Director of Operations, Dr. Elena Kinder arranged for Whit to be adopted into the home of her niece Robin and her husband Dr. Dan Bobbins.

Sly was placed in the BabyCo Habitat to be raised under the guidance of the Kinder Method. The voice also explains that it is imperative for the integrity of this experiment that no one ever discover that Sly and Whit are twins, especially the boys themselves.

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