Dr. Hilda Van Burden is one of the central antagonists of the Androzons comic book series and also a supporting antagonist in the Extinctioners universe - due to a somewhat unique friendship between the two authors which allows them to share their characters (though altered somewhat, for reasons that shall be revealed).

In the original Androzons series Dr. Hilda Van Burden is a mysterious woman from the far future who created the Evil Cat Sisters (E.C.S.) to try and conquer the present but came against fierce opposition from the titular Androzons, who protected the world from Burden and her creations in a largely comedy-based series that continues to this day.

However when Burden was "crossed over" with the Extinctioners universe some of her origins and personality changed, though the basic formula of her being the true commander of the E.C.S. and the archenemy of the Androzons remains.

In the Extinctioners canon Burden was one of the "first" humans who oversaw the creation of what would ultimately become the humanimal species that inhabited Alden - alongside the original Noah Mahn.

Dr. Van Burden has also become the "mother" of Chekari Van Burden II - a young anthroid (artifical life-form) that is being raised to see himself as the future ruler of Earth within the Androzon series, like his mother and "sisters" he also crossed over with the Extinctioners in recent times and developed a rivalry with one of that world's established heroes, Micro.

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