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Dr. Johann is a recurring villain from the Netflix original series, Paradise P.D. He is a corrupt nursing home doctor, who kidnaps old people, graphs dolphin DNA on them, and harvests their scallops to turn them into food at Red Lobster. He first appeared in "Black & Blue".

He is voiced by Tom Kenny.


In "Black & Blue", Dr. Johann welcomed Stanley Hopson to Heaven's Lobby Nursing Home, when Bullet came by to drop him off. As Bullet was about to leave Hopson with Dr. Johann, he noticed how much medicinal drugs were lying around the home and decided to stay awhile.

Hopson later came into Bullet's room and tried to warn Bullet about some horrible things that were going on in the nursing home but it all seemed like irrational old man gibberish. Dr. Johann came into the room and kindly took Hopson back to his room to give him a sponge bath.

Bullet went to look for Hopson but the front desk receptionist at the nursing home said that there was no record of a man by that name who ever went there. Bullet was confused and searched around until he came across a secret laboratory in the basement, where a bunch of old people, including Hopson, were all captured inside of giant glass tubes of green goo.

Dr. Johann found Bullet and realizing he just got busted, decided to run him through his entire evil plan. Dr. Johann said that his evil plan was to graph the DNA of sea creatures onto old people, which would cause them to grow scallops on their skin, which they would then harvest and put into the food that they sell at Red Lobster. Bullet threatened to tell the public about what Dr. Johann was doing and have him taken down. Dr. Johann told him that he could do that, but then there would be no more Red Lobster. Bullet did start to think that he liked Red Lobster and wouldn't be happy if it was gone and agreed to keep it a secret. Dr. Johann thanked him by giving him some coupons to Red Lobster. Bullet also asked if he could set Hopson free and Dr. Johann did that just for him.

In "Karla 9000", Bullet and Dusty started a business, that sold chicken laced with cocaine. This was taking money away from Dr. Johann's Red Lobster business, which also sold menu items that were food laced with drugs. Dr. Johann and his guys kidnapped Bullet and Dusty and Dr. Johann beat Bullet's balls with a rock hard muffin ties to a string until Dusty coughed up the recipe for his drugs.

After hours of Bullet's balls taking a beating, Dusty finally told him his secret recipe and agreed to have the business shut down for good. Dr. Johann and his guys set the duo free and went on with their villainous lives. Bullet was pissed at Dusty for taking so long to answer but couldn't do anything because his testicles were like beachballs so he couldn't really move at all anymore without harming himself.

In "Christmas in Paradise", Dr. Johann had a cameo in the crowd of people gathered around the Christmas tree.


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