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I'm too human. We are essentially creatures of instinct, passing whims, really our most profound moments. I can't let you have her I'm afraid. She really does love you, you know.
~ Foster to Freddie before murdering him.
You don't deserve that girl but I do
~ Doctor Foster before attempting to murder Cook.

Dr. John T. Foster is the main antagonist in the fourth season of the E4 TV series Skins. He was Effy Stonem's psychiatrist and was pretending to treat her from her mental illness when really he was using her and manipulating her mind with false medication due to his lust and desire for her.

He was portrayed by Hugo Speer.


Dr. Foster is a psychiatrist who attempts to rehabilitate Effy after her suicide attempt. He eventually develops an obsessional crush on Effy and tries to make her fall for him any means necessary. Foster steadily makes Effy's mental issues worse in order to rebuild her for his own image, alienating her from her mother and Freddie in the process.

Freddie eventually finds out about Foster's secret and as a result, Foster murders him with a baseball bat. Cook later finds Freddie's bloody clothes in his basement and is ambushed by Foster. Foster reveals his intentions with Effy and tries to murder Cook as well. However, enraged for what he did to Freddie and Effy, Cook manages to fight back and kill Foster for revenge and as a result, Cook becomes a fugitive.


  • He is without a doubt the most evil villain in the Skins franchise as well as the only villain in the series to be purely evil. (although it is debateable if Louie is purely evil or not).
  • He is very similar to the following villains-
  • Clifford Blossom from Riverdale since both are middle aged males, both murdered a teenaged boy for their own personal motive (Foster since in his eyes Freddie was his only obstacle in shaping Effy into his love object and Cliff since he wanted his family secrets to remain hidden and for Jason and Polly to remain apart), both are master manipulative deceivers and both are purely evil and the most vile antagonists in their series.
  • Dr. Oliver Thredson from American Horror Story since both are psychopathic psychiatrists who are charismatic, manipulative and murderers. Both were also killed by one of the series protagonists in vengeance for what they did to them personally (Foster was murdered by James Cook since he killed one of his best friends Freddie McClair while Lana killed Thredson for murdering her lover, impregnating Lana herself and attempting to kill her). Both are also purely evil and posthumous.
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