Dr. Keeley is a scientist and operative for Black Ghost. Acting as Dr. Ross' assistant, Dr. Keeley convinced the scientist to rejoin Black Ghost and bring back its reign. He is the main antagonist of the "Deinonychus" arc in the manga and the 21st episode of the anime, "Fossils of Evil".


Dr. Keeley met Dr. Ross at some point and convinced him to become a member of Black Ghost again. The two then plotted to capture the 00 cyborgs.

Keeley and Ross pretended to be paleontologists and convinced Dr. Gilmore to send over 002, 005 and 009 to help them catch dinosaurs, claiming that they had discovered evidence that some may have survived.

In reality, the dinosaurs were robots created by Dr. Ross. Dr. Ross used the robot dinosaurs to help incapacitate the cyborgs. Dr. Keeley told him to destroy the cyborgs, but Dr. Ross refused, not wanting to damage 009's state-of-the-art technology. Keeley simply knocked Ross out of the way and took control of the Deinonychus to attack 009. However, 009 was able to out-maneuver and decapitate the robot Deinonychus. Keeley then left to deal with 009 himself, but found himself faced not only by 009, but by 002 and 005 as well, as they had been set free by Ross.

Keeley stumbled back into the arms of the headless deinonychus. The robot dinosaur promptly exploded, killing Keeley.


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