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I'm a mean, green machine, a maker of mayhem, an engineer of fear, an inventor of... uh... whatever rhymes with inventor
~ Dr. Krankcase

Dr. Krankcase is a member of the Doom Raiders and a supporting antagonist in the Skylanders franchise, specifically serving as a major antagonist and trappable villain in Trap Team, and a supporting protagonist in Imaginators. A Tech trap is required to trap him.

He is voiced by Quinton Flynn.


No one is really quite sure exactly what Dr. Krankcase is a doctor of... but his technical engineering achievements are legendary. The secret to his success lies in his modified concoction of glowing green goo, which causes wooden objects to come to life and turn evil. His unique skill set makes him a valuable asset to the Doom Raiders, who have plenty of nefarious uses for evil wooden creatures. It is also commonly known that Dr. Krankcase served as an evil inspiration to Kaos once upon a time, who had figured out how to make his own wooden creatures, the Wilikin, come to life after reading about the doctor's exploits in the Minion Monthly Catalog. Kaos also respected Dr. K's interest in world domination and doom engineering, not to mention his well-documented love of pickles.


Dr. Krankcase has green skin, blue hair, and has five robotic wood legs. He wears a red top hat and a lab coat. In his evolved form, he wears a purple jacket.

Powers and Abilities

Dr. Krankcase relies on high intellect to invent monsters and weapons to help him fight. He is armed with a gun that shoots green goo.


Ah, splendidly, my queen! I have constructed a weapon so that it can harness the ginormous energy of traptanium. Soon, I'll have it up and running, and then...
~ Dr. Krankcase, revealing their ultimate weapon to the Golden Queen
Problem, my queen. The Skylanders have cut off our supply of slimy green goo.
~ Dr. Krankcase, reporting to the Golden Queen
Stankocity, to be exact. And believe or not, it's one of the most powerful forces in Skylands.
~ Dr. Krankcase, explaining Stankocity to Wolfgang
Anyway, without enough Stankocity to start the reaction, our ultimate weapon simply will not work!
~ Dr. Krankcase, before making the Golden Queen angry
Wait! I have a solution! We can replace the stinky goo with this!
~ Dr. Krankcase, revealing a slice of cheese
Ah, but it will be. In about ten thousand years. The older the cheese gets, the worse it smells, you know.
~ Dr. Krankcase, explaining the purpose of cheese
Don't you see? All we have to do it bury this now and go into the future to get it. And by then, the Stankocity factor will be off the charts! But, naturally, to travel through time, we're going to need a Portal Master.
~ Dr. Krankcase revealing his plan
Well, hello there. My name is Dr. Krankcase, and you, you must be the Skylanders I've heard about, yes? No, really, I'm just asking. Just want to make sure I'm talking to the right guy here. Oh great, great! Alright! So let's do this then.
~ Dr. Krankcase, introducing himself to a Skylander
Oh, that reminds me. Speaking of bad guys, check this out!
~ Dr. Krankcase, revealing Kaos to the Skylanders.
The important thing is that you showed up. Now help me take down this Skylander, will you?
~ Dr. Krankcase to Wolfgang's unexpected arrival
A vortex. I've really been trying to stay out of those things, lately. Hey! Oh, that hat had only two more weeks 'til retirement! Captured? Me?! That doesn't sound like something that would happen to me. Although, it would explain the vortex. Okay, okay, I see. Do good stuff instead of bad stuff. Got it.





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