Dr. Krieger is the main antagonist of the video game Far Cry and its remake, Far Cry Instincts. In both versions, he is a scientist who is responsible for the creation of the Trigens, and the main behind the events that occur on the island the game takes place on.

In the 2008 movie, Dr. Krieger is played by Udo Kier, who also portrayed Peter Straub in Call of Duty: WWII- Nazi Zombies.


The original version of Dr. Krieger, is the CEO of the genetic company Krieger Corp, which funds an experiment involving genetic modificaction on an uncharted island in Micronesia, which Krieger leads. The experiment resualts in Trigens, genetically altered beasts. Valerie Cortez is an undercover CIA agent, and is investigating Krieger's operations on the island. She hires the games protagonist, Jack Carver, who runs a boat charter business in the South Pacific to get her close ot Kriegers Island. After Val takes off on her own with a jet-ski, Jacks boat is blown up by rockets fired by Kriegers men.

Jack survives and with the of a man named Doyle, Jack travels across the Island, fighting through Kriegers men in search of Val. The Trigens, are becoming a large problem for the mercanires to handle, and Jack learns the experiments are not limited to primate mutations, but also moved on mutating the mercs. Jack finally catches up to Val who is being transported to a new location via helicopter, stopped by Jack.

Jack searches for Val, while the human Trigens have escaped and have began to revolt against Kriegers mercenaries. After rescuing Val, she and Jack split and reunite when Jack kills Kriegers Mercenary Commander, Crowe. With infomation Crowe had with him, it is revealed that Krieger has a tactical nuke located on the Island. And that he intends to use it on the Island as a last resort, should his operations be investigated into. After the Department of Defense analyze the situation, Jack and Val steal Kriegers weapon, despite Jack's protests.

Before entering Kriegers compound, Doyle warns the mutagen might infect them when the blast goes off, advising to take a mutagen-resistant serum before arming the nuke. Inside the compound, they do so and arm the nuke, which detonates directly behind Jack and Val as they exit the factory, knocking them unconscious. While in an unconscious state, they are both captured by Krieger, before leaving his main baseon a helicopte, Krieger kicks Jack out of the helicopter. Jack fights through the Trigen infested areas, to resue Val and escape wiht his life. Upon reaching the mercenaries weapons cachce, Jack notices his arm turing green, and Doyle responds that the mutagen concentration in the air might be too strong for the antidote, but one of Krieger 's operations consist of finding a cure for the mutagen in his main lab.

Jack is directed to Krieger's base, and confonts Kriger, who injected himself with the mutagen. Kriger is ultimately defeated, but with his last breath, reveals that ther is no actual cure for the mutagen. Doyle reveals that the anitdote they took was the very mutagen that they where trying to fight off. Doyle reveals he plans to sell the mutagen formula on the Black market, but he is killed by Carver a short time later. He and Val escape the Island after they have the mutagen cleared from their systems.



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