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Dr. Kuzniak is a recurring antagonist in Brickleberry. He is a fake doctor at Brickleberry Medical Center and he helps everyone when they're sick or hurt. He is villainous for being an unlicensed doctor guilty of medical malpractice, killing patients both intentionally and accidentally, and even sexual harassment on his female patients. Dr. Kuzniak has also exhibited enjoyment from seeing some of his patients suffer and even die, getting a good laugh out of it every now and then. Kuzniak engages in sexual activity outside of his work.

He is voiced by Tom Kenny, who also voices Woody Johnson from the same show.

Villainous Acts

  • In "Two Weeks Notice", Dr. Kuzniak told Steve Williams that he was going to die in two weeks. Later on that same week, he called Steve on the phone again just to remind him that he's still dying just to be an asshole.
  • In "Saved By the Balls", Dr. Kuzniak helped to reattach Malloy's testicles surgically, even though he knew he wasn't allowed to. He also offered to sew a dick to his forehead. At the end of the episode, Dr. Kuzniak removed Woody Johnson's testicles without his permission and attached them to Malloy's crotch, giving human balls to a bear. Also, Dr. Kuzniak rummaged through Ethel Anderson's vagina, looking for his car keys. It is unknown what his keys were doing up there but a good doctor would never allow something like that to happen unless he was living out some bizarre sexual fetish with her against her consent.
  • In "Steve's Bald", Dr. Kuznuak sold Steve some faulty hair tonic and didn't tell him about any of the side effects.
  • In "The Dam Show", Dr. Kuzniak, along with many other stranded islanders, tried to kill and eat Steve for food. After this plan failed, he also tried to kill and eat some endangered baby birds, which he also failed to do.
  • In "Miracle Lake", Dr. Kuzniak illegally dumped a bunch of medical waste into the Brickleberry Lake twice. When people died from swimming in the polluted lake the second time, Dr. Kuzniak ran away and took no responsibility for it.
  • In "Woody's Girl", Woody had a mini-stroke and was rendered unconscious. During which, Dr. Kuzniak took some upskirt shots of him.
  • In "Little Boy Malloy", a flashback showed a young Dr. Kuzniak delivering Ethel and Lucy Anderson when they were born. Dr. Kuzniak was grossed out by Ethel and asked her mom if he should just throw her out.
  • In 'Trip to Mars", Dr. Kuzniak watched the Mars landing, while performing a surgery on a patient and ended up cutting his fingers off. Dr. Kuzniak then threw the dismembered fingers into the air for no reason, leading to them getting chopped to oblivion by a ceiling fan, which was not supposed to be in there. He was shown watching an alien invasion on the news later and had somehow managed to kill his patient completely as well as the nurse working with him.
  • In "A-Park-A-Lypse", Dr. Kuzniak told Connie Cunaman that the couple she was carrying for died in a car accident, that he deemed hilarious. Later, he admitted to Ethel that he may have performed a few unnecessary breast and vagina inspections on her.
  • In "That Brother's My Father", Dr. Kuzniak was shown in a civil war reenactment, sawing a guy's leg off without using anesthesia or painkiller. Woody congratulated him for taking the civil war reenactment so seriously but Dr. Kuzniak asked, "What civil war reenactment?", implying he was doing this for no good reason at all.
  • In "Baby Daddy", Dr. Kuzniak ran a horrible abortion clinic/taco truck, where he illegally performed unlicensed abortions, using rusty, unwashed kitchen utensils and then ground the baby fetuses into taco meat and fed them to the customers, without telling them where it came from.
  • In "Paradise PD Meets Brickleberry", Dr. Kuzniak was revealed to be involved with poaching, being a recurring customer of Firecracker Jim's poaching business. He invented a machine that helped him switch brains with a duck so that he could use this new duck body to have sex with another duck.


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