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Dr. Labcoat is the main antagonist in the second season and a posthumous antagonist in the third season of the animated independent HBO show, Animals.

Dr. Labcoat is a scientist and CEO of Pesci Corp. set in New York City. He was planning to control people with a pill after poisoning them with products that were manufactured in Pesci Corp. so he would become a God and create a new world without sin, crime, or disorder.

While he has no speaking lines in the animated segments, he was portrayed by RuPaul Charles in the live segments of the episode "Humans."


Dr. Labcoat is stern and reserved. Upon introduction, Dr. Labcoat appears to be a stereotypical mad scientist, who is extremely intelligent with an IQ of 1600 with mysterious intentions as he appears to experiment on animals. Dr. Labcoat seems to be a perfectionist who wants his research and experiments to be thorough, he also wants his employees to follow the same protocol and he doesn't tolerate even the slightest miscalculation or flaw. Dr. Labcoat fired his assistant, Carol, when he tested a serum she presented to him that's not at its appropriate temperature, being at 46 degrees Fahrenheit, and approved when his new assistant adjusted the temperature of the serum he brought to be at 44 degrees Fahrenheit. Dr. Labcoat also seems proud of his work, as he shed a tear when his creation, the Green Pill, was presented to him by his new assistant. He is also very secretive, as he threaten to take legal action against the newspaper company to fire the reporter that was investigating him.

It's later revealed that Dr. Labcoat is more sinister than the Mayor of New York City. Dr. Labcoat happens to be ambitious, manipulative, cunning, conniving, and unscrupulous. At the meeting with the board of executives, Dr. Labcoat revealed that when he was a child he realize there was no God, so he sets out to become one to rid the world of sin, crime, and disorder, believing humanity can't function in a Godless world. Dr. Labcoat created Virus X through the use of the products Pesci Corp. manufactures, as evident through the presentation video of the company, he will use the Green Pill to cure the disease he created but also to control them at their bidding to create a much more organized society. As such, Dr. Labcoat comes off as nihilistic, as Dr. Labcoat explains his reasons to Executive 3 that he doesn't care about money but about control. Dr. Labcoat will do anything to achieve his goal, using his influence to discretely get rid of anyone trying to expose without actually taking lethal action. He had the reporter that was investigating him fired when he threatened to take legal action against the newspaper company. However, he was proven to really ruthless when he has to take drastic measures, as he murdered his former assistant, Carol, after she snuck back in the company to expose his plans.

While he desires to become a God, Dr. Labcoat happens to cruel as well. He shocked Executive 3 with a joy buzzer only to reveal that he infected him. He also fired the executive just when he asks to get medical treatment. He, along with his assistant, were also laughing at his agony. He also revealed he killed his mother all because he hated her. Dr. Labcoat even killed Carol, his former assistant, after he found her trying to expose him. Even his assistant noted he's evil with him poisoning the city and controlling them to do his bidding.

Dr. Labcoat displays a calm and level-headed attitude, being able to remain stern and keep his emotions in place. However, Dr. Labcoat is far from losing his composure, as he called his new assistant's idea about having a doorbell to let people know to come in his officer an idiotic idea before cursing at him. He soon apologizes to him as he was under stress due to the big day as the Green Pill is his life's work. He also remain unfazed when the representative of the Federal Drug Bureau was clumsy making a mess trying to get a pencil and a piece of paper. In spite of this, Dr. Labcoat seems to have a bit of a childish demeanor, as he and his assistant were having pizza with the former revealing he killed his mother while the two were laughing at Executive 3's agony when Dr. Labcoat infected him.

Dr. Labcoat is also a bit arrogant, confident that with his influence he and the company won't be caught, as he was assured the reporter was dealt with after he got her fired. Even so, he also assures the public will believe what they want to believe, telling them it was an act of God. Dr. Labcoat's arrogance is proven to his own undoing as he fails to see the shortcomings in his plans. He didn't know his former assistant Carol would work with the reporter to expose him. When he murdered Carol, Dr. Labcoat didn't notice there was a hidden pen recorder that was live-streamed to the public, thereby exposing him to be the cause of Virus X.

Once exposed, Dr. Labcoat didn't take action as when the SWAT officers were being picked off the traps in Pesci Corp. When he, his assistant, and the reporter were alone, Dr. Labcoat hacked into every media, computer, movie theater, and even a microwave screen to explain his reasons before releasing the Green Bomb that killed all the humans in the city, including himself.

Dr. Labcoat also had a bond with his new assistant. While their terms are simply professional, they happen to be more than just colleagues. Dr. Labcoat reveals he knows everything about him, adding how the two are much alike. He also explains the reason he invited him to the board of executives meeting was because he sees him as his eventual successor. Before releasing the Green Bomb, the Assistant placed his hand above Dr. Labcoat's before pressing the button together.

Dr. Labcoat is also rather pragmatic. As he noted he and the Assistant are much alike, Dr. Labcoat was planning on making him his successor. It's also implied that Dr. Labcoat established Pesci Corp. in other countries, as noted by the General that another Green Bomb went off in Los Angeles. Even after his death, this is further implied by Executive 3, an employee of Pesci Corp. that was poison by Dr. Labcoat, who was brainwashed into forming the Labcoats, a terrorist organization to continue in carrying out Dr. Labcoat's goal.


Season One


Dr. Labcoat first appeared at the slaughterhouse where the turkeys were brought to. He inspects the turkeys before leaving.

Dr. Labcoat appears at the end when he is seen doing research on various animals, those included are rats Phil Jr. and Mike who were taken from the sewers by a human that is working for Pesci Corp. and brought them to the building.

Season Two

Rats. (3)

Dr. Labcoat is in his lab monitoring the animals. He was handed a serum by his assistant, Carol, and tested the temperature with his watch to read it's at 46 degrees Fahrenheit. Dr. Labcoat refused and handed the serum back to Carol. As she walks out, she notices her badge switching from "Employee" to "Terminated" to show she has been fired.

Dr. Labcoat is later doing research, equations, and checking his laptop. His new assistant came in with a different serum. When Dr. Labcoat was about to check it, the assistant adjusted the temperature to be at 44 degrees Fahrenheit. Dr. Labcoat takes the serum and gives his gratitude towards him as the scientist prepares to use it.

Moments later, New York City has been plagued by a disease known as Virus X.

Pigeons. (3)

When the reporter traces Virus X to Pesci Corp., a car pulls up as Dr. Labcoat exits the building. He briefly gazes at her before getting in the car as it drove off.


After seeing the reporter on the news claiming Virus X to be man-made, only to have her theory dismissed, Dr. Labcoat calls the editor-in-chief of the newspaper company and threatens to take legal action which resulted in the reporter losing her job.

Squirrels. (2)

Dr. Labcoat is in his lab examining a splice of DNA in a capsule. He than studies the DNA sample and does a comparison research on the animals on a digital computer screen. His assistant later comes in and presents him with the Green Pile, the cure for Virus X. Dr. Labcoat gazes at the pill closely and sheds a tear.


Dr. Labcoat is in his office studying the Green Pile. He hears a knock and notices his assistant outside his office door. Dr. Labcoat tells him to come in but the assistant continues to knock, making the scientist get frustrated.

As he slammed his fist onto his desk, the animation turned into a live segment, with Labcoat yelling at him to come in. The Assistant comes in, giggling, as he apologizes as he claims he couldn't hear anything from outside. He than claimed that he should have a doorbell on his office door to let people know to come in. When he was about to arrange for it, Dr. Labcoat claimed it is an idiotic idea before cursing at him. The Assistant accepts Dr. Labcoat's answer. Labcoat apologizes to him as he is under stress due to the big day as the Green Pill is his life's work and is finally completed. The Assistant praises Dr. Labcoat, the scientist wants to be informed about his schedule. The Assistant informs that he has a meeting with the board of executives about the Green Pill, a meeting with Federal Drug Bureau about approving the Green Pill, and a call from the president of the United States, the last schedule time made Dr. Labcoat upset and uninterested, wanting to reschedule but the Assistant doesn't want to so Labcoat requested be it 45 seconds, which the former agreed. As the Assistant was about to exit, Dr. Labcoat calls him back and wants him to join the board of executives meeting. Flattered, the Assistant points out only executives are allowed to be there. Dr. Labcoat tells him he's ready, much to the latter's joy as the two walk out of the office.

Dr. Labcoat and the Assistant arrive at the meeting with the board of executives. Before the two took their seats, Dr. Labcoat tells them the Green Pile is complete and Pesci Corp. is ready to move on to phase 3 of the plan. Dr. Labcoat than presents a "nifty little demonstration" video to get them up to speed. The video shows Pesci Corp. and explains the products they manufactured, from food, clothes, and to household products. It than shows phase 1: Infiltration, shows a test subject, labeled J118, in a room, who applied for this to get paid, tries out every product in the room with him. The video than shows phase 2: Infection that the products are making people sick, causing panic, and unrest, thus revealing Pesci Corp. is responsible for the virus outbreak and the riots in New York City. The video shows the test subject suffering from the effects of the products, becoming aggravated, restless, and greatly ill before passing out. It now shows phase 3: The Green Pill, the test subject is being fed the Green Pill by two workers in hazmat suits. The test subject appears well as he cleans up the room and doing exercises. The video explains it's goal to have a more control and organized society starting with New York and than the world. It also shows some people with glowing green eyes. The test subject appears again to apologize for his behavior and claiming he's all better, and correct.

As the video finishes, Dr. Labcoat declares the company is going to package the Green Pill and sell it to the public than declares world domination. One of the executives, Executive 3, who missed out on some meetings due to taking his dog to the vet and his kid's recital, points out they have been poisoning the city so they would buy the Green Pill, which Labcoat confirms. Executive 3 questions the motive as Pesci Corp. is the largest company in the world as they make enough money. Dr. Labcoat than asks him if he's religious to where the executive responded he didn't as he is a scientist. Labcoat made his statement that he realized there was no God when he was a child. He adds the New York City is a nucleus of sin, crime, and disorder. Labcoat sees humanity could not flourish in a Godless world, so he declares he will become a God, further adding it's not about money but about control. To Executive 3, Labcoat clarified the subject was happy but the executive question if it was real only for the scientist to retort how anything this company does is real, which Executive 3 responds that it does. Labcoat confirms all the stuff the company does, subliminal messaging, biased research, and a soda that stimulates the same part of one's brain as a mother's voice, claiming it's all not real. The executive than suggests the possibility of being caught as the reporter claims the virus be man-made and they could be charged with crimes against humanity. Labcoat assures him the reporters is under control as they tell the public what they want to believe as they will tell them it was an act of God, they will believe it as it was God, more specific him that got the reporter fired. Dr. Labcoat requests a handshake from the executive, which he does, while claiming the doctor might do something to him only to get a jolt from a joy buzzer Labcoat had on him, which burned a small piece of his flesh. He adjourned the meeting and requests his assistant to tell the ad men about advertising the Green Pill.

Later, back at his office, Dr. Labcoat is with the representative of the Federal Drug Bureau with a tone about the Green Pill being the cure for Virus X played over the radio due to the ad men coming up with a slogan. The representative asks him to turn it down so they would discuss the status on the Green Pill. As Labcoat turns it off, the representative wants to know the ingredients that made the Green Pill. Though, Labcoat remains silent, the representative goes off to get a pen and a piece of paper, all a while making mess, the scientist remained deadpan. The representative got impatient and demanded what it is made of. He asked for one ingredient but Labcoat still remains quiet, with his approval stamp in hand, the representative snaps and stamps the paper while yelling "Approved" repeatedly.

Labcoat later gets a call from the president of the United States, which happens to be composed of trash and revealing to be created by Labcoat as the president referred to him as "Daddy" before correcting calling him by his name. The president was glad there is a cure for Virus X as he heard the government was plotting to bomb New York City. The president than declares to go on TV and requests everyone to buy the Green Pill. The president than shows self-awareness how his life, his values, and his sense of morality. Labcoat hangs up him.

The Assistant than knocks at his door, Labcoat pushes a button on his desk telling him to come in. The Assistant got delight as Labcoat got the "outside doorbell" with the scientist claiming it was a reasonable enough idea. The Assistant than declares Labcoat to be evil, as with making people sick and wanting to control them, the Assistant claims he's evil too and wants control as well. The Assistant reveals when he was in the third grade to turn off the lights when they left the classroom but the teacher gave the position Craig Mullen, the Assistant protested but the teacher wouldn't allow it so he burned down the school and was never caught. When the Assistant was about to tell his life in high school, Labcoat filled in that he knew he was bullied by Scott Trevors and he injected a hydrochloric compound into his deodorant while they were in gym class that affected Scott's lymph nodes that eventually lead to his death. Labcoat also knows the Assistant's birth name is Alexander Regleman, his blood type is O, and his favorite animal are turtles. Labcoat agrees the two are much alike, explaining his reason why he invited him to the meeting as he sees him as his eventual successor. The Assistant than left him a package containing the Green Pill, much to the scientist's chuckling.

As the Assistant was about to leave, Labcoat asks him if he wants to order a pizza, which he delightfully wants to. Labcoat and the Assistant are having pizza with the former revealing he killed his mother and explains how he hated her. He stated he used a bicarbonate dishwasher liquid and states how amazing it was. The two than see Executive 3 outside his office, revealed he was poison by Labcoat, much to the duo's amusement as they laugh at his expense. Labcoat stated he didn't believe it would work as the two exclaim their hatred towards the executive.

Rats. (4)

After Dr. Labcoat puts the Green Pill up for market, the town has been cured and the scientist is recognized as their savior. Dr. Labcoat was given the key to the city and appeared on the Science Monthly magazine.

However, the reporter was still investigating Pesci Corp. She buys the Green Pill at a pharmacy and brings it back to her apartment. She gives it to Carol, Labcoat's former assistant, to examine the pills as they realize Pesci Corp. is responsible for Virus X and the pill is somehow related to it.

Cats (2) Part I.

Dr. Labcoat didn't appear in this episode.

The reporter and Carol were figuring out how to expose Pesci Corp. by suggesting the TV news, the newspaper, or the police, but they didn't have much luck however. It's implied that Labcoat has an influence on the city that people wouldn't dare step up against him as he would take legal action. So, the reporter and Carol decided to tamper with Carol's ID badge to display that the latter is still working at Pesci Corp. as she infiltrates the company with a hidden pen recorder the reporter will monitor through her laptop.

Cats (2) Part II.

Carol manages to sneak into Pesci Corp. with her tamper ID badge. She turns on the hidden recorder pen before getting on the elevator. The reporter live-streams the footage for the public to see.

Carol makes her way into Dr. Labcoat's office where she searches through his laptop. She found a video file that shows Pesci Corp.'s plans to infect the city than controlling with the use of the Green Pill. The reporter sheds tears as they manage to uncover the company's conspiracy as well as showing it to the public. The lights in the office started flashing, Carol started to get nervous, Dr. Labcoat appears behind her as a silhouette. Carol started to panic as Labcoat appears in front of her, much to her horror, as he sprays green smoke at her, which was being viewed by the newspaper, the police, and the public.

Later, TV news reveals Dr. Labcoat is responsible for Virus X, exposing him and the company to the entire city.

Worms Birds Possums.

After Dr. Labcoat was exposed, Pesci Corp. was outed by the public. One of the advertisements about the Green Pill was graffiti with "Pesci Kills".

The SWAT captain is holding a picture of Labcoat with "arrest" labeled on the photo to his SWAT comrades as the police drove to Pesci Corp.

The reporter, who was in the police car that was heading towards Pesci Corp., is seeing a recorded video of the doctor murdering Carol, feeling responsible as she sent her back and felt determine to stop Labcoat.


Several SWAT officers and the reporter raid Pesci Corp. to arrest Dr. Labcoat. The reporter uses a tablet to locate the scientist with the officers following the directions. Finding Labcoat in an empty room, the officers held their rifles at them, ordering him to place his hands down but Labcoat doesn't comply. When one of them approaches him, further demanding to put his hands down he swings his rifle at him but it turns out to be a hologram. Suddenly, green smoke enters the room that disintegrates the officer, leaving nothing but his clothes. Several officers and the reporter flee to safety as the smoke fills the hallway.

When the chief of police sees the marks of his comrades' disappearing, he sends in more officers. However, as soon they approach the door the pavement underneath them opens as they fell to their demise. Bars than covered the front entrance and the entire building is shielded up in protective alloy.

In the hallway, a wall comes down that splits the group up. The officers are trapped as the smoke kills leaving three left and the reporter. Dr. Labcoat appears on a monitor above them, prompting the reporter to shoot at him.

As the reporter leads the remaining squad through the building, avoiding a laser wall that she detected. She leads them safely by guiding them which floor tiles are safe to walk. However, one of the officers fell down and activates another trap. A wall closes on them with green smoke that kills the two trapped inside, leaving only one officer and the reporter. Yet, they made it to Dr. Labcoat's office.

The reporter busts in holding the scientist as gunpoint with the officer beside her. She demands he surrenders but Labcoat presses a pen that activates some sort of magnetic pull on the gun she's holding to be attracted to him and than the gun is pulled into a floating orb. She tells the officer to shoot at him but the officer reveals to be Dr. Labcoat's assistant in disguise.

As he makes his way over to the doctor, he places the gun down. Dr. Labcoat goes over to a computer screen where he hacks into every cell phone, TV, computer, movie theater, and even a microwave screen. He explains his reasons for what he did and regrets how humanity has turned out before deciding to eradicate everyone. The reporter begs Dr. Labcoat to spare them but Labcoat wents through it by revealing a tub containing green smoke inside. Labcoat goes over to the button on his desk, just as he is about to push it the assistant places his hand above his as a way to do it together, much to his content. The reporter watches helplessly as the two press the button, unleashing the green smoke that spreads out throughout the city, killing them and the entire human race, leaving nothing but their clothes.

After the animals discover all the humans are gone, New York City is left to be run by the animals.


  • He has an IQ of 1600.
  • Dr. Labcoat is the only human antagonist that appeared in more than one season, as he appeared in the last episode of season one and appeared in every episode in season two.
  • In season three, he did appear in a newspaper article in episode nine.
  • The only episodes Dr. Labcoat didn't appear in season 2 are episodes seven and nine.
    • In the latter episode, Dr. Labcoat did appear on a photo and on a recorded video from the eighth episode.
  • Dr. Labcoat and his assistant are the only human characters to have an animation and live segment counterpart.
  • "Labcoat" is an obvious portmanteau with "lab" and "coat" as it does involve scientists, and it also befits Dr. Labcoat's position.
  • Even before his debut, Dr. Labcoat's actions were directly or indirectly involved with the main characters of the show as they have the biggest impact in season 1 and 2 as several products were seen in the former:
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