I'm sorry Gerry. For the sake of this island and the scientific tresure it holds, I have been forced to take an action.
~ Dr. Laura Sorkin betrays Gerry and the others.

Dr. Laura Sorkin is the secondary antagonist of Jurassic Park: The Game. She is an InGen scientist who had a motherly devotion to the dinosaurs and also had extreme views about animal rights especially when it came to the lysine contingency. Ironically, Laura was killed by the very creatures she had dedicated her life to.

She was voiced by Susan Cash.


Early life

Laura described her childhood in her research journal. She was raised on her family's farm in Arkansas and was an animal-rights activist in the 1970s. Arrested multiple times for protesting, she earned her position as one of InGen's leading paleogeneticists.

She never married or had any children since she was devoting herself to her life's work instead. She even instead referred to the dinosaurs on Isla Nublar as her "children".

Working in Jurassic Park

Initially, Laura was made to be the Chief Scientist of Jurassic Park, but was denied the position after revealing she wanted to use complete DNA structures with no add-ins by cross-referencing genetic information from the mosquito fossils. It would have been safer, but the board of directors thought this process would take up time and money they didn't want to spend. Laura also wanted the island to be used as a wildlife preserve instead of just a theme park, but this idea was dismissed as well because there was "no money" in it.

Instead, the position of Chief Scientist was given to Henry Wu. In order to please the board, Dr. Wu came up with the solution of using genetic information from other animals (such as frogs) to form complete DNA structures in minimal time. The resulting dinosaurs from Wu's solution were noted to be "flawed and inaccurate", which Laura angrily viewed as abominations rather than true dinosaurs. Despite this, she was also angered by the various measures InGen took to keep the dinosaurs under control, such as the lysine contingency and controlled chromosomes to prevent the birth of male dinosaurs to breed. As a result, Laura developed a strong animosity towards Wu, Hammond, and InGen. Her discontent with the InGen management was such that the management team gradually kept her out of the loop regarding the company's main dinosaur research projects. Eventually, Laura was assigned to her own laboratory on Isla Nublar where she could continue to perform independent research and be kept out of sight and mind. She would use this lab to secretly undermine InGen's safety protocols by developing a cure for the lysine contingency, which she saw as cruel and unnecessary.

It was also revealed that Laura was also responsible for the Troodon, having bred them in her laboratory from a clutch of "mystery eggs". John Hammond, however, thought these predators were "too dangerous" and not "appealing" for tourists. After the Big One's failed escape attempt, he instead ordered the Troodon to be euthanized. However, Laura decided to study the Troodon in secret; a single action that would lead to devastating consequences later.

Isla Nublar Incident

Along with her assistant David Banks, Laura chooses to stay on Isla Nublar instead of evacuating with the other employees. She stayed behind primarily to monitor the Parasaurolophus and the Troodon, but was also planning on using the evacuation to prove to Hammond that Isla Nublar should really be a wildlife preserve.

After David was killed near the Quarantine Pens, she met up with the rescue team and other survivors. She developed an irritation towards Billy Yoder, one of the InGen mercenaries sent to help her. She also refused to leave, and went to the Parasaurolophus paddock to give them the anti-lysine contingency serum. However, she instead added the cure to the main water supply. Her actions incensed Dr. Gerry Harding, who argued that all containment measures were necessary to keep the dinosaurs from damaging the global ecosystem.

She later joined the group in the tunnels and assisted them throughout the journey. When they stumbled upon the Troodon nest, the group found D-Caf, another mercenary who had been hired to rescue the survivors. The mercenary was rendered comatose by the Troodons' venomous bite, and being used as sustenance for a clutch of eggs. Laura mentioned that she had known the Troodon had found a way to escape their pens, but didn't realize they had found a way into the park. Yoder, who was already dealing with watching his best friend Oscar Morales die by Velociraptors, drew his knife and threatened to kill her. He only backed off when Laura admitted the attacks were her fault.

After arriving at the Marine Exhibit, Yoder informed the group that they needed to get to the phones quickly because the island was going to be destroyed. Upon hearing that the park was to be nuked, Laura headed down into the Marine Facility alone, hoping to negotiate with InGen and the government into sparing the island and all the dinosaurs.


When negotiating didn't seem to work, she eventually turned against the group when they arrived at the Marine Facility and locked the elevator doors behind them, deciding to hold them hostage. However, this led to her being accused as a terrorist and her call was promptly disconnected. Infuriated that her demands weren't met, Laura decided to do exactly what InGen and the government were trying to stop: she opened the underwater gate leading out into the ocean, allowing a captive Tylosaurus to escape and damage the global ecosystem.

However, when the Tylosaurus slammed into the wall of the facility, Laura plummeted into the pool. While attempting to pull herself out, the Tylosaurus dragged Laura underwater to her watery grave and eventually devoured her.


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