We’re doing our best, sir. We’ve just run into a few technical difficulties.
~ Dr. Lazenby

Dr. Lazenby is a minor antagonist of the 2001 Disney animated film Recess: School's Out!. He was one of the Anti-Recess Scientists who worked for Dr. Phillium Benedict of the Anti-Recess Legion.

He was voiced by the late Ron Glass.


Being involved in Benedict's plot to abolish summer vacation by bringing in permanent winter, Dr. Lazenby was tasked to utilize a tractor beam that Benedict stole from a U.S. military base. After the Legion took control of Third Street Elementary School as their own base of operations, Lazenby was tasked to help Dr. Rosenthal perform numerous preparations on the tractor beam.

After the preparations, Rosenthal informed Benedict that they were ready to conduct a new test. However, Lazenby had an argument with Benedict after concurring with Fenwick and Dr. Steinheimer that it would be easier for them to conduct the test at a different location. But despite this, Benedict refused their pleas by saying that the operation will be planned in Third Street Elementary as ordered, much to Lazenby's distraught. He and Steinheimer are even horrified to see Rosenthal being detained after the test became a failure.

Lazenby, Benedict and the other members of the Legion were arrested and sent to prison for their crimes following their plot being foiled.


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