Dr. Lugae is a minor villain from Final Fantasy IV. Working for Rubicante, he made many experiments inside the Tower of Babil, such as turning the king and queen of Eblan into monsters. When Cecil and his group enters the tower through the subterranean, they see Rubicante and Lugae speaking, as Rubicante leaves Lugae in charge while he goes to the surface. Lugae then starts laughing, as he had become the master of the tower. He then notices the heroes, deciding they would be excellent subjects to test his new invention, a big robot called Barnabas. However, the robot malfunctions and attacks Lugae instead, exploding shortly after. Lugae gets mad and turns himself into a robot to attack Cecil, but is defeated. Even defeated, he activates a self-destruction sequence on the tower, forcing them to flee the place, while Yang sacrifices himself to stop the explosion.

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