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I haven't had opportunity to examine any of you for a long time. And one drops right into my proverbial lap! What luck!
~ Dr. Craggs preparing to vivisect E-1261.
Some people use torture, others use 'enhanced interrogation', others use sensory deprivation. The key point of all of them is that the prisoner has a very real notion that their life is not only in danger, but basically of no value to their captors.
~ Craggs displaying her depravity to Agent Tomàs Rey in "A Sensible Use of Human Life".

Dr. Madison Craggs is a minor antagonist in the SCP mythos, serving as the main antagonist of the article SCP-3033. She is a former Chaos Insurgency operative turned prisoner of the SCP Foundation responsible for the creation of the "Mike" project; the creation of SCP-3033, also known as "Mikes".



Craggs was an American scientist who defected to the USSR and joined GRU Division "P" during the Cold War. When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, she stole blueprints and equipment from the GRU and used it to bargain her way into the Chaos Insurgency. She was placed in charge of Project Blue Falcon, an attempt to use schematics stolen from the GRU to create a weapon that would force enemy soldiers to kill each other, but soon concluded that the weapon was impractical.

However, based on Blue Falcon's design, Craggs came up with the "Mike" project; a plan to take control of subjects known as Mikes and force them to carry out attacks for the Chaos Insurgency. About 100 subjects were kidnapped and sent to Craggs, who kept them alive and conscious using a chemical compound while she performed brain surgery on them in order to test the control modules. Fifteen of the subjects died from this process, and another fifteen received irreparable brain damage that left them all either comatose, mentally challenged or paralyzed.

Working for the Insurgency and the Foundation

After about thirty surgeries, Craggs successfully implanted a module, and the Mike program began. Several Insurgency operatives were then trained to control the Mikes, and those that passed were linked up to the modules, although six were deemed superfluous and vivisected by Craggs. She was then assigned a target by Delta Command: an old GRU site that a CI member had defected to. Upon further research, Craggs found that an old co-worker, GRU Division "P" interrogator Dmitri Kalasov, was in charge of the site. As she had a grudge against Dmitri, who had keyed her car, she agreed to the assignment.

During the assault, everyone at the site was gruesomely killed by the Mikes, one of whom, E-1261, impaled Dmitri on his own cane. Afterwards, Craggs killed all Mikes who were wounded during the assault.

Several more attacks took place, until one day the SCP Foundation were able to intercept a convoy, apprehending the Mikes, the controllers and Craggs. Craggs was placed under house arrest near Site-74 and interrogated for information on the Mike project.

Six weeks after her capture, Craggs was confronted by E-1261, who the Insurgency had regained control of and sent to kill Craggs for helping the Foundation. However, due to the implant she was unable to actually attack Craggs, who easily subdued her before vivisecting her over a period of twelve minutes while giggling sadistically. Afterwards Craggs was moved to a more secure location.

She was treated by the Foundation with respect as she exchanged knowledge in order to not be executed for her crimes against humanity. However, she secretly formed a plan to escape both the Foundation and the Insurgency. As the Insurgency attacked the facility to kill her, Craggs contacted disgraced MTF member Travis Kazmarek, asking him to help her since he was the only one who could do so. Seeing that he would die anyway at the hands of the Insurgents, Kazmarek accepted to help her, but still abiding to the Foundation's procedures much to Craggs' annoyance. As he made his way through the facility battling the Insurgents, Craggs instructed Kazmarek to release SCP-3845 from its chamber.

As SCP-3845 fought back against the attackers, Kazmarek was able to reach the vault containing Craggs and released her. The two then attempted to go to the vehicle bay, but were confronted by SCP-3845. Craggs attempted to calm it down by calling it Buddy, causing the creature to mistake her as its beloved friend. Craggs used this to her advantage and told 3845 to leave the facility and lying to it that they would meet again once outside. The duo arrived at the vehicle bay where they got inside a vehicle, with Kazmarek driving while Craggs used a gun to shoot oncoming attackers.

Unfortunately for Craggs, upon arriving to the nearest Foundation facility, she was put inside the "Waiting Room" a maximum security chamber serving as temporary detainment for both sapient anomalies and prisoners. Craggs was put alongside SCP-3416 and Nathan Snyder, and despite seeing them nuisances decided to collaborate together in order for each of them to get to their objectives: Craggs needing Snyder to assist her in accessing her databases in which she had saved her research as he was an expert hacker; SCP-3416 getting back at the Foundation; and Snyder to evade his punishment for creating SCP-2801. Since they were in Oklahoma and Craggs' contract with Foundation stated that she was allowed to be accompanied by her spouse, she proposed to have SCP-3416 marry her with Snyder, since the entity was a god, much to Snyder's protest. Both eventually parties accepted, but 3416 had three requirements for him to officiate the marriage. The first two were wearing rings made out of objects Craggs and Snyder carried and express their honest feelings for each other. After completing the first two, 3416 then demanded for the couple to consume their marriage, and although taken back by this seeing that there was no other way, Craggs and Snyder proceeded to have intercourse.

The personnel watched the scene through the cameras, and immediately interrogated Craggs about this. She explained to them that she and Snyder were now a married couple and as part of her contract with them the couple were to be together while under Foundation custody. This worked as the Foundation recognized the marriage and had Snyder join Craggs in a common office.

While working together, the site supervisor came to ask Craggs to teach and assist a MTF candidate, Tomàs Rey, in interrogating a recently captured Insurgency agent named Carl Staffsky. Craggs agreed to collaborate, but when discussing with Rey their approach in the interrogation she brought an automated minigun that would shoot the captured Insurgent if he didn't speak. Upon starting the interrogation, Craggs was able to discern that the Insurgent had been completely amnesticized and had no information, but she decided to keep to herself for now since she wanted to see him suffer as he had attempted to assassinate her for some time. As the interrogation had failed, Craggs explained to Rey the reasoning behind her methods and the truth about the Insurgent.

Possible Endings

【Nightcore】Dopesmoker by Sleep (Full Album) and the Revenge of Drone

While working together with Snyder in the Foundation's Area 15, Craggs became the next target of an anthromorphic armed goose named Alto Clef Jr. as revenge for what she did to E-1261. The facility went into a lockdown, forcing Craggs and Snyder to be trapped in their room and wait for the breach to end. However, Alto Clef Jr. had managed to bypass security and break inside their room where he proceeded to shoot the couple, killing them and bringing justice for their victims.

Powers and Abilities

Madison Craggs was a normal human who possessed no paranormal powers. However, she makes up for this with her great Intelligence. She was able to analyze advanced technological and anomalous artifacts, experimenting on people and turn them into cyborgs, and could even calculate statistics on events happening around her. She was able to blackmail and manipulate people into giving certain information.

She could also use various firearms, but her accuracy decreased beyond five meters.


Not much is known about Craggs' appearance apart that she appeared to be in her fifties, sported an expressionless face, compared to Hitler and Stalin, and possessed short gray hair and light blue eyes. She was often seen wearing a black suit and a helmetless chemical suit.


Madison Craggs was shown to be extremely intelligent and quite sadistic and manipulative, taking joy in analyzing new technology and people. She was described as being psychotic and crazy, although she mostly maintained a calm and stable demeanor. She also appears quite of an antisocial individual as she stated to hate personal contact. Craggs herself is aware of her personality and how others view her, but simply doesn't care and prides herself in the type of individual she is.


  • An instance of SCP-2305-A, a paper produced from a sheaf of US Letter papers that detailed horribly failed neutralization proposals, detailed a proposal for neutralizing SCP-3033 by showing Craggs SCP-2140 which would have rewritten her past as a member of the Foundation instead of the Division "P" or the Insurgency. However, if the Foundation did so, Craggs would join the Insurgency anyway, but because she had studied numerous cybernetic anomalies contained by the Foundation, the "Mikes" units would become even more advanced than the previous iterations.
  • Craggs doesn't know how to drive.
  • Craggs also has a problem with drinking alcohol.
  • Foundation personnel, Bernard LaPierre and Tobias Whyte were studied Craggs' research and created a centipede-like portable, re-usable cybernetic augmentation that could take control of dead bodies which was titled as "Project Romero". After the project was shut down due to morality issues, Whyte would go on to join the Insurgency just like Craggs.


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