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I haven't had opportunity to examine any of you for a long time. And one drops right into my proverbial lap! What luck!
~ Dr. Craggs preparing to vivisect E-1261.

Dr. Madison Craggs is a minor antagonist in the SCP mythos, serving as the main antagonist of the article SCP-3033. She is a former Chaos Insurgency operative turned prisoner of the SCP Foundation responsible for the creation of the "Mike" project; the creation of SCP-3033, also known as "Mikes".


Craggs was an American scientist who defected to the USSR and joined GRU Division "P" during the Cold War. When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, she stole blueprints and equipment from the GRU and used it to bargain her way into the Chaos Insurgency. She was placed in charge of Project Blue Falcon, an attempt to use schematics stolen from the GRU to create a weapon that would force enemy soldiers to kill each other, but soon concluded that the weapon was impractical.

However, based on Blue Falcon's design, Craggs came up with the "Mike" project; a plan to take control of subjects known as Mikes and force them to carry out attacks for the Chaos Insurgency. About 100 subjects were kidnapped and sent to Craggs, who kept them alive and conscious using a chemical compound while she performed brain surgery on them in order to test the control modules. Fifteen of the subjects died from this process, and another fifteen received irreparable brain damage that left them all either comatose, retarded or paralyzed.

After about thirty surgeries, Craggs successfully implanted a module, and the Mike program began. Several Insurgency operatives were then trained to control the Mikes, and those that passed were linked up to the modules, although six were deemed superfluous and vivisected by Craggs. She was then assigned a target by Delta Command: an old GRU site that a CI member had defected to. Upon further research, Craggs found that an old co-worker, GRU Division "P" interrogator Dmitri Kalasov, was in charge of the site. As she had a grudge against Dmitri, who had keyed her car, she agreed to the assignment.

During the assault, everyone at the site was gruesomely killed by the Mikes, one of whom, E-1261, impaled Dmitri on his own cane. Afterwards, Craggs killed all Mikes who were wounded during the assault.

Several more attacks took place, until one day the SCP Foundation were able to intercept a convoy, apprehending the Mikes, the controllers and Craggs. Craggs was placed under house arrest near Site-74 and interrogated for information on the Mike project.

Six weeks after her capture, Craggs was confronted by E-1261, who the Insurgency had regained control of and sent to kill Craggs for for helping the Foundation. However, due to the implant she was unable to actually attack Craggs, who easily subdued her before vivisecting her over a period of twelve minutes while giggling sadistically. Afterwards Craggs was moved to a more secure location.


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