Dr. Mark Willard is the main antagonist in Tomb Raider III: Adventures of Lara Croft.

He was voiced by James Arnold Taylor.

Tomb Raider III

Dr. Willard is a scientist that works for the RX-Tech mining company. He hires Lara Croft to find three pieces of a meteorite that bestow supernatural powers. The fourth piece had already been found by Lara when she took it from one of Willard's employees who went mad. He sends Lara to Nevada, the South Pacific and London to find the missing pieces. After acquiring them, Willard meets Lara in Antarctica. He reveals his true motives: use the pieces to accelerate human evolution and turn humanity into mutant creatures. Lara attempts to stop him but he manages to retreat with the meteorite pieces. Lara follows Willard to a cave where the meteorite is hidden. She arrives at the cave right after he finishes putting the pieces into position. She witnesses Willard turn into a giant half man, half arachnid mutant. Lara battles the mutant Willard and kills him, stopping his evil plans.


  • The name "Willard" is Scottish.


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