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The benefit of acting violently without worry of consequence - that's a freeing violence.
~ Words of Dr. May Updale aka The Architect.

Dr. May Updale is one of the two overarching antagonists of of the entire The Purge franchise (alongside Caleb Warrens), serving as the secondary antagonist of The First Purge, due to being "The Architect" of the dangerous and controversial, societal catharsis known as The Purge. This leading maverick in behavioral science used to think that one night where everyone could release their anger and spite within themselves would have rescue the United States of America from economic collapse and social dismay. Despite desiring to use her research for scientific means, Updale later expressed regret and resentment for her actions when she discovered that her actions led to mass murder and also due to the fact the White House Chief of Staff Arlo Sabian corruptly rigged the statistics of the Staten Island Project in order to further the agendas of the NFFA and the USA by eradicating the poor to reduce the expense of social programs.

She was portrayed by Marisa Tomei, who voiced Bree Blackburn in The Wild Thornberrys Movie.


Sometime within the mid-21st century (approximately 2014 A.D.), Dr. Updale herself announces an experiment after its years of studying. to take place on New York's Staten Island where, for 12 full hours, each American citizens will be allowed to purge and release their inhibitions in any way they choose, allowing the United States to become a better place to live in, on live TV as would viewed by the whole nation and the entire world. She stated that she does not work with the New Founding Fathers of America political party nor designed the experiment for them, but above all, she also said that the said experiment has nothing to do with politics, but that it is a psychological device.

After many hours into the night, while staying at a building somewhere in New York being currently operated as a NFFA headquarters watching videos of the experiment, Dr. Updale began to notice that the violence keeps rising and that it should not be, so she starts investigating through the footage of the night and she discovers a video where trained mercenary groups hired to pose as gangs (even white supremacist gangs) as well as citizens to kill multiple civilians. Arlo Sabian, a NFFA-affiliated security staff chief, explains that he sent the mercenaries tin order help balancing the attendance of people Purging during the 12 hours, and to help removing the impoverished, revealing the experiment was a political device since the beginning, and was used as a final effort to resort in helping the country by killing the poor and the homeless and reduce the unemployment line since now the New Founding Fathers inherited the responsibilities and the mess from their predecessors.

Updale realizes that she made a grave mistake crafting the experiment that would forever change everything, but before being capable of changing things before it was too late, she was secretly taken to a neighborhood on Staten Island where she is shot and killed. Sabian orders all the footage of her orchestrated end to be erased.


  • Although Dr. Updale is one of the main villains of The First Purge, she was advertised as the sole and primary evil within said film.


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