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An animal doctor isn't a real doctor? That may be the perception, but it took me 10 years to earn my veterinarian degree and statistically, it's more difficult to get into veterinarian school the med school, which means I had to work twice as hard for half the respect and money of a so-called "real doctor". If I wanted to listen to someone criticize my career choice, I would've called my parents!
~ Dr. Military

Dr. Military is a one-time villain from the Cartoon Network original series, Teen Titans Go!, only appearing in the two-part special episode, "Teen Titans, Vroom!".

He was voiced by the professional wrestler Sgt. Slaughter.


In part one of "Teen Titans Vroom!", Dr. Military stole ducks from the Jump City Animal Refuge. He contacted the Teen Titans to tell them that he was training the ducks to become soldiers and turn them into a duck army. Dr. Military planned to use the ducks to kidnap the Teen Titans and hold them for ransom and demand $400,000 from the government.

The Titans called out Dr. Military on harming animals when he worked as a veterinarian and also added that veterinarians aren't real doctors. Dr. Military told the Teen Titans that he worked very hard to become a veterinarian and he doesn't get the respect he deserves for it, which is why he became so evil.

The Teen Titans turned into cars and drove to his military base to stop him. Dr. Military threatened to destroy the world and further explained his reasoning. He said that he had to pay off his massive and crushing student loan to veterinarian college, which was a laughable impossibility, given the pathetic salary he makes off of the very job he got by going to that school.

Dr. Military summoned his duck army to attack the Teen Titans. The Teen Titans used their newly gained car powers to fight back against the ducks and defeat them. Robin drove in circles around Dr. Military, causing him to get dizzy and drop his remote. Robin drove over the remote and crushed it, which blew up all the duck tanks.

Just then, the Teen Titans started to dry off, causing their car powers to vanish and they turned back to normal, making them powerless to stop Dr. Military. Dr. Military got into his car and pointed a giant laser cannon at them. However, it rained, which turned the Titans back into cars again.

The Titans chased Dr. Military down the streets and Dr. Military blasted his laser cannon back at them. Cyborg fired a missile at him but Dr. Military blew it up. Starfire drove past him and opened a drawbridge, thinking it would stop him, but Dr. Military just drove up the opening drawbridge like a ramp and made it safely to the other side. Raven tossed her cape over his windshield, blinding him and Beast Boy ate his laser cannon. Dr. Military drove into an alleyway as a way to escape the Titans, but Robin parallel parked right in front of the other side, which got Dr. Military to come to a rolling stop. However, he didn't stop in him and slammed right into Robin, which caused him to fly through his windshield and land on the ground.

The cops came to arrest Dr. Military but Dr. Military acted all nice and innocent and lied to the police, saying that it was the so-called "wild teens" that did all of that evil stuff and not him. The Titans tried to convince the cops that as the Teen Titans, the very idea of them doing anything bad was ridiculous. However, because they were in the form of cars, they did not look like the Teen Titans and the cops believed Dr. Military's story and arrested the Teen Titans, letting Dr. Military get away scot-free.

In part two of "Teen Titans Vroom!", The Teen Titans got impounded and sent to Car Jail, which they later broke out of. While on the lam, Robin did some research and found out that Dr. Military used to be partners with famous racecar driving legend, Chip Racerson Jr. before he got him banned by cheating. Chip Racerson Jr. said that he was still mad at Dr. Military for what he did to him all those years back and was more than happy to have him put behind bars. Unfortunately, Chip later ate some chips, which were laced with voice poison, which meant that he was unable to clear the Titans' names. Unsurprisingly, the chips were manufactured by Dr. Military in the very Top Secret Government Science Facility that turned the Titans into cars.

In the Secret Government Science Facility, Dr. Military turned himself into a giant army tank that was so big that it destroyed the building he was in. Dr. Military changed his name to Dr. Military Vehicle and got ready to destroy the Teen Titans but the Teen Titans used their car powers to link together and turn into a destroyer, which they used to destroy Dr. Military Vehicle back and turn him back into a human again. As a human, Dr. Military was trapped in some chains. The Teen Titans got the antidote for the voice poison and restored Chip's voice so that he could clear their names and have Dr. Miltary sent to jail, where he belongs.



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