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People of the world. Look at me! I am the greatest supervillain of all time.
~ Dr. Minyak moments before his defeat and humiliation in front of the entire world.
I still have hope for a win!
~ Dr. Minyak escaping from prison after the Beekeeper.

Dr. Horatio T. Minyak, or better known as Dr. Minyak, is the central antagonist of the live-action sitcom show, Henry Danger, and a recurring antagonist of the franchise. He is the main archenemy of Captain Man and his biggest rival, and has proven to be a serious threat to the heroes. He started off as the main villain of the show, but as the series progressed, he started to appear less than before, but he still has the most appearances and the most mentioned of any villain on the entire Henry Danger show.


Dr. Minyak is half-bald with short brown hair and stubble, which grows thicker, starting in Balloons of Doom.

Powers and Abilities

  • Genius-Level Intelligence: Minyak is arguably the smartest villain Captain Man and Kid Danger have faced. He is very cunning and an excellent stagiest in planning his plans. He created various of high tech weapons to use against Captain Man, like the Heliometer, Dream Blaster, Plasmatronic Boom Sphere, Arm Blaster, and possibly the Invisible Blaser (that turned Brad Invisible since he is the only one smart enough to create a gadget like that). Minyak was also shown to be smart enough to use Jolly Beetle's Tears to decrease Captain Man's indestructibility. He escapes prison twice in the Henry Danger series, invented Musical Brain Warping, turned Charlotte into a superhuman with one of his machines, and spells really hard words like nothing while 5 hours in a spelling bee.
    • Musical Brain Warping (briefly): Minyak invented Musical Brain Warping that allows him to control people through music. If the song is played in reverse it to undo the effects. He did this when he trapped Charlotte in his Jello trap before he gave her super strength. He and Nurse Cohort used earplugs to avoid listening to the Musical warping he created.
    • Jolly Beetle Tears (briefly): Using Jolly Beetle Tears, Minyak can nullify Captain Man invulnerability for a short time, making him vulnerable to attack, he would otherwise be immune to. They contain a special element that either increase (green), or decrease (yellow) molecular density. However, it takes a lot of tears to do it.

Former Equipment

  • Heliometer: Using his signature weapon the Heliometer, he invented. It can blast a beam of helium that can lift humans and build into the air, make their voices sound stupid, and make balloons lighter and flout faster. After being defeated at the Hart house he possibly no longer has it and uses his laser gun since it is in Captain Man's possession.
  • Laser Gun: He use to shoot lasers and he also carries it in case. He used this once in Danger Games when Captain Man and Kid Danger were making fun of him. It appeared again in Game of Phones where he used it in self-defense. Once he and the other villains were defeated it is in Captain Man's possession.
  • Dream Blaster: In Dream Busters, Minyak had a Dream Blaster that puts people in a forever deep sleep. The only way to wake them up is to get in there dream and scare them awake. He used it on Henry after escaping jail. who experience extremely strange dreams.
  • Invisible Blaster (possibly): In Invisible Brad, Ray and Brad mention an insane criminal who wanted to turn Ray invisible, with his Invisible Blaster, but miss and hit Brad instead. Minyak may have been the insane villain who turned Brad invisible since he the only one smart enough to create a high-tech device.
  • Plasmatronic Boom Sphere: At the start of Danger Games, Dr. Minyak had an explosive next to Captain Man. He planned on to dropping both of them on the Swellview Dam but it was ruined.
  • Arm Blaster: It can lock onto targets and stun them for a while. The blast makes foes unable to speak instead makes a weird funny too much of a bass sound in reference to Chewbacca of Star Wars. After being defeated at Double G Concert he possibly no longer has it and is in Captain Man's possession.
  • Parachute: In Danger Games, he planned on using to land slowly, however, he lost it after trying to make an escape.
  • Wireless Video Camera: He uses to spy on someone. He used this to get to Charlotte before Henry destroyed it with the Whip Cream Laser.
  • Earplugs: He and Nurse Corhart use to avoid listening to Music Brain warping he created.



  • Dr. Minyak is a spoof on DC Comics villain Lex Luthor, Superman's arch-nemesis. Similar to how Minyak knows Captain Man's weakness, Luthor knew Superman's weakness through research and it was revealed to be kryptonite.
  • Dr. Minyak was also a guess of Captain Man's greatest enemy in Danger Force, this shows how he really is Captain Man's main archenemy, despite Drex and Rick Twitler being powerful.

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