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Dr. Montgomery is one of the main characters of the 1996 science fiction/horror movie The Island of Dr. Moreau.

He was portrayed by Val Kilmer.

Edward Douglas, the protagonist and UN negotiator, after surviving a plane crash, is saved by a passing boat, with Dr. Montgomery, who takes care of him and says that the captain will take him to Timor after he drops him off on his island and there's no radio on the boat. Then Dr. Montgomery says Douglas should come with him instead and that there's radio on his island. Douglas goes with him and together they unload rabbits into a cage and Dr. Montgomery kills one of them and uses it for Douglas's meal.

Then they go to the main house, where he tells Douglas to stay in the house and then turns Aissa, Dr. Moreau's daughter and heroine, when she meets Douglas one on one. They then talk about Dr. Moreau, how he fled to the island, after being driven out of USA by animal right activists. Montgomery notices the two talk and later that night locks Douglas in his room, implying it's for his own good. After sneaking around the Island, Douglas finds himself chased by Dr. Montgomery and his helpers. With the help of Aissa, he comes upon a secret village occupied by Moreau's creations. He is immediately found by both doctors and held at gunpoint by one of them. Dr. Moreau commands Montgomery, the one who's holding the gun, to give it to Douglas, so he can feel safe.

The same day, during dinner Moreau gets upset after seeing Montgomery prepare rabbit meat for Douglas, as they swore not to eat meat. Douglas and Aissa inform Moreau that had seen another rabbit corpse, which they blame Lo-Mai for killing. The monster later dies from the hands of Moreau's son Azazello, who claims he got the gun from Montgomery. Later Dr. Montgomery becomes Douglas's jailor and reveals to him that he gives the animals drugs to prevent them from retrogressing and discovers one of them called Hyena Swine has removed his implant and tries to hunt him down. After Moreau's death Montgomery becomes crazy and destroys the serum that kept Aissa from fully transforming. He decides to become the new leader of all the creatures and heads straight into their village where's he gets killed by Azazello.

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