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Dr. Montgomery is one of the villains of the 1996 science fiction/horror movie The Island of Dr. Moreau.

He was portrayed Val Kilmer.

Edward Douglas, the hero and UN negotiator, is sooner or later takin in by a passing boat, with Dr. Montgomery, who takes care of him and says that the captain will take him to Timor after he drops him off on his island and there's no radio on the boat. Then Dr. Montgomery says Douglas should come with him instead and that there's radio on his island. Douglas goes with him and together they unload rabbits into a cage and Dr. Montgomery kills one of them and uses it for Douglas's meal.

Then they go to the main house, where he warns Douglas not to move and then turns Aissa, Dr. Moreau's daughter and heroine, when she meets Douglas one on one. They then talk about Dr. Moreau, that he was driven out of the USA by animal rights activists and how and when he himself came to the island. Then Dr Montgomery locks Douglas in his room and says it's for his own good. Later when Dr. Moreau and his followers hunt Douglas and Aissa down he aims a gun at him and Dr. Moreau orders Dr. Montgomery to give Douglas the gun because he's scared.

Then at dinner Dr. Moreau gets upset by the rabbit being served and finds out from Azazello, Dr. Moreau's son and villain, that Dr. Montgomery is responsible and later when Azazello kills Lo-Mai, he finds out that Azazello got the gun that killed Lo-Mai from Dr. Montgomery. Later Dr. Montgomery becomes Douglas's jailor and reveals to him that he gives the animals drugs usually to prevent them from retrogressing and discovers Hyena Swine has removed his implant and tries to hunt him down but fails and becomes crazy and really high on drugs. He later admits to Douglas that he's destroyed the serum. After Dr. Moreau's death, Azazello steals Dr. Montgomery's gun and then later shoots and kills Dr. Montgomery.

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