Dr. Moreau is an infamous among the "rogue science" community and the first antagonist featured in webcomic The Glass Scientist, based on the literary character of the same name.



Not much of his personality is revealed yet, but Moreau is described as embodying what everyone believes mad scientists to be - insane and evil to the point of defying taboos and creating afronts to nature. This is due to the cruelty of his craft - vivisecting live animals into monsters - Moreau being banned from London because of it. It is possible that he is hunting the Frankenstein monster in hopes of using him and Dr. Frankenstein as a means of improving upon his experiments.

Powers and Abilities

As a mad scientist, Dr. Moreau possesses great knowledge and skill in biology and presumably other fields. Using his vivisecting skills, he manages to create his own army of mutant animals at his command. How he is able to control them is currently unknown.


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