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Me must be good doctor. Patients never come back.
~ Dr. Mundo
I must be a doctor, too. Why else would I be in this wretched asylum? And all these other people... must be my patients.
~ Dr. Mundo going insane.

Dr. Mundo, also known as the Madman of Zaun or simply Mundo, is a villainous playable character in the multiplayer online battle arena game League of Legends. A hulking, masochistic creature in the streets of Zaun, Mundo goes where he pleases and wreaks havoc wherever he goes, mistaking his chaotic nature for the methods of a doctor.

Mundo was released on September 2, 2009, and received a full visual rework on June 9, 2021. He is most commonly played in the top lane.

He was originally voiced by J.S. Gilbert prior to his rework, and is currently voiced by Armen Taylor (who also voiced Risotto Nero and Drakken Joe).



The man now known as Dr. Mundo was originally an enforcer of the Chem-Barons, with a hulking physique but a friendly personality, giving his friends nicknames and pats on the back. One day, his boss punished the enforcer just for stepping on his toes by sending him to Osweld Asylum, where he was subjected to all sorts of brutal experiments.

The doctors in the asylum injected the enforcer with chemicals and modified his body, which gave him superhuman bodily functions but caused his mind to completely shatter, and he no longer understood who he once was. He looked at his straitjacket, which he believed to be a doctor's jacket. He read the label on the straitjacket upside down as "Mundo", so he believed his name was Mundo. He assumed that he was a doctor since he was in the asylum, and everyone else were his patients.

Now taking on the new identity of Dr. Mundo, he killed everyone in the asylum and stole all the medical supplies he could find. When his old boss came back for him, he was shocked to see everyone dead, with his enforcer now a mutated, purple monster. He attempted to shoot him, but his wound healed in seconds. Dr. Mundo did not recognize him as the one who caused all this to happen, but just another patient for him, so he decided to treat him as well.

Dr. Mundo strapped him to a table and performed his self-branded "surgery" on him, resulting in his boss' death. He threw his body onto the pile of people he'd killed, saddened that he couldn't "save" them all, but did the best he could. Mundo kept his hopes up as he believed that Zaun was full of sick people waiting to be cured, so he went into the streets of Zaun to dish out more painful treatments.


In game, Dr. Mundo is a juggernaut-type champion, a melee tank that destroys enemies at a close range with his close-ranged abilities and high regeneration.

  • Dr. Mundo's passive, Goes Wherever He Pleases, causes him to ignore crowd control in exchange for losing some of his health as a chemtech canister pops out. Mundo can touch the canister to heal himself, but it gets destroyed when an enemy touches it. He also regenerates health over time like his pre-rework passive.
  • His Q, Infected Cleaver, throws a cleaver which damages and slows enemies, healing himself if it hits.
  • His W, Heart Zapper, electrocutes himself with a defibrillator to deal damage to enemies around himself. After a second or upon recasting, he releases a blast of electricity around him and healing himself for the damage he has taken over the duration.
  • His E, Blunt Force Trauma, passively increases his attack as his health gets lower. When activated, Mundo swings his medical bag on his next attack, dealing bonus damage with missing health. If the attack kills the target, they are knocked back, dealing damage in their path.
  • His R, Maximum Dosage, causes him to enhance his body with chemicals for 10 seconds, increasing his physical attack and movement speed while massively regenerating health over the duration.

Prior to his rework, Mundo's passive, Adrenaline Rush, regenerated extra health over time. Mundo could throw an Infected Cleaver to damage and slow enemies, Burning Agony to light himself on fire and deal close range damage, and Masochism to empower his next attack with a headbutt. Mundo's ultimate, Sadism, increased Mundo's speed and health regeneration with his medicine and syringes.


Dear medical journal: Mundo attempt brain transplant on Mundo today. Me think it go good!
~ Dr. Mundo

Strange and dimwitted, Dr. Mundo is completely and utterly insane. While he calls himself a doctor, this is just one of Mundo's delusions, as he does not actually know what he is doing half the time. As a masochist, Mundo loves to feel pain, and does not understand the pain he inflicts on others through his homicidal tendencies. The destructive madman does what he wants whenever he wants, and no one can stop him. While his deeds are cruel and horrific, Mundo himself is actually not evil, at least, not in the sense that he is not actually seeking to cause suffering in others. He is simply too dimwitted to realize what he's doing is wrong.





  • Dr. Mundo is not actually a doctor, he just thinks he is.
  • Dr. Mundo is lactose-intolerant.
  • He is a reference to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde from The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.
    • Dr. Mundo's appearance and quotes are also similar to the Hulk from Marvel Comics.
  • Dr. Mundo's post-rework story bears similarities to fellow Zaunite champion Warwick, as both were once good-hearted people from Zaun who were subjected to unethical and torturous experiments and augmenting them with chemtech upgrades, leaving them completely insane with their original selves gone, and now go on murderous rampages across Zaun's streets.


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