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Dr. Nikolai Demichev is one of the main antagonists of Singularity and was originally a Russian scientist doomed to die in a fire in 1955 - however when the game's protagonist Nathaniel Renko is transported back in time, he saves Demichev's life and in the process unleashes a monster upon the world (without knowing it).

Demichev proceeds to conquer the world and becomes a major force of evil in the game, the player can choose several outcomes - which are determined by in-game actions - which can either lead of Demichev's death or an alliance that ultimately destroys the world.


Demichev's normal appearance is as an 84 year old man with a suit and cape that denotes power. However, when Renko time travels back into the past to save a scientist named Dr. Viktor Barisov, Demichev is much younger. 


The game's protagonist and player Nathaniel Renko is dispatched to investigate a bizarre electromagnetic energy surge coming from the Russian island Katorga-12. While on the helicopter sending them en route to the mysterious island, another energy surge disables it, sending him and his comrade crashing. After he and his comrade Devlin departed, Renko mysteriously shifted into the year 1955. By fate, he encounters an innocent man in need of saving from a structual fire. This is how Dr. Nikolai Demichev was able to live long enough to become the villain (being 84 years old after all).



Dr. Nikolai Demichev is one of the former head scientists of the research station on Katorga-12, alongside Dr. Viktor Barisov. Barisov, the inventor of the TMD, or Time Manipulation Device, was killed by Demichev in order to gain more power. Originally, Demichev was later killed in a structual fire that ensued afterwards thanks to unknown means. However, in the timeline of the game, Nathaniel Renko saves him after unintentionally traveling back in time. Renko is the hero who unintentionally unleashed a monster on the world. Demichev is now the leader of Russia who declares dominance over the entire world.


The TMD had been kept in a vault to prevent Demichev from ever getting it. Once Renko went back to the present after saving Demichev, suddenly he was being ambushed by mysterious creatures and Spetsnaz soldiers. He and his comrade Devlin are shortly captured by Demichev, and a girl named Kathryn saves them- not before Devlin is killed. 

Renko, unaware of the TMD, was informed of it by Kathryn. Renko went on a quest to unearth the TMD, which he eventually did. First thing he did was travel back to 1955 to save Barisov, preventing Demichev from killing him, thus altering the present. Now Barisov was working with him to defeat Demichev. 


Renko meets up with Demichev, who has taken Barisov hostage. He tells him that he is offering him a chance to rule the world together, and they would be unstoppable. To do so, he must kill Barisov. In total, the player has 3 other options, making 4 total:

  • Shoot Barisov, and rule the world together with Demichev
  • Kill Demichev, and save the world 
  • Two fer-- kill them both and rule the world alone
  • Not doing anything for several minutes

Ruling the World Together

If Renko decides to shoot Barisov and join Demichev, the utilizes the power of the TMD to create soldiers out of the monsters mutated by mysterious E-99 tech. Thanks to this battle strategy, no army in the world had enough power to stand up to Russia. Giving thanks to Renko, the population generally agrees that Renko has become stronger than Demichev. 

Demichev fears Renko will be able to declare dictatorship over Russia and starts a weapons program in the United States, making even more weapons. A cold war starts, and the world in ruins (most likely).

Demichev's Demise

Killing Demichev prompts Renko to go back in time and kill himself, so that he never saves Demichev in the first place. Thinking he has saved the world, he comes back to the present and sees that replacing a statue of Demichev-- is a statue of Barisov ruling the world. 

Ruling the World Alone

If Renko decides to kill both of them, he becomes evil and corrupt with power. Instead of leading Russia to take over the world, he decides to earn retribution by leading the United States to take over the world. 

Not shooting both Barisov and Demichev

If the player just stands there without choosing who to kill for several minutes, Demichev picks up the gun he dropped and kills both the player and Barisov.

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