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Dr. Not Sorry

Not sorry! Not sorry about that one!
~ Dr. Not Sorry fighting Agent G.

Dr. Not Sorry is a minor antagonist in the Milo Murphy's Law episode "Agee Ientee Diogee". He is an evil Canadian evil scientist who is the arch-nemesis of the O.W.C.A. Agent G (a German Shepherd).

He was voiced by Brock Powell.


During Heinz Doofenshmirtz's stay at the Murphys' residence due to losing his building (thanks to Murphy's Law after the Pistachions' attack), he tells the Murphys' pet dog Diogee of a previous encounter he had with a dog agent named Agent G last summer as an evil scientist.

As Doof's former nemesis Perry the Platypus was going on for vacation, Agent G called for to stop Doofenshmirtz in his scheme of stealing shock absorbers and selling them for a price, but before he could enter Perry's lair, Dr. Not Sorry trapped him with hardening maple syrup. It is later revealed that Agent G once foiled one of Dr. Not Sorry's schemes by blowing his maple syrup fortress in a mountain with him inside, but that Dr. Not Sorry actually survived with an explosion-proof labcoat, and that he now wants his revenge on Agent G for foiling his plot.

However, Agent G manages to free himself with his dog tag that easily dissolves the syrup and engages into a fight against Dr. Not Sorry. They both eventually end up on the top of a cargo truck driving into a highway. It eventually turns out that Agent G loses his hat, which ends up on a travelling Diogee, who gets mistaken for Agent G by Major Monogram and sent away to Doof's building.

After Doofenshmirtz sends away Diogee home following a series of mishaps, Dr. Not Sorry is last seen on a log fighting against Agent G with bo staffs on a creek. Needless to say, Dr. Not Sorry is unaware that the creek is leading to a waterfall, and a smirking Agent G jumps off to safety and retrieves his hat, leaving Dr. Not Sorry to realize too late before falling into the waterfall. It is unknown whether Dr. Not Sorry survived the waterfall plunge or not.


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