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Dr. Papanak is a sadistic sock puppet that appears in episode 10 of the famous YouTube series Salad Fingers.


Salad Fingers went outside with his friend Hubert Cumberdale on a mission. Eventually, Salad Fingers went to an old cart, searching for Dr. Papanak. Once he found him, he lays down on an old rusty bed, supposing that Papanak would check him for nimpers and camel spots. As Papanak was checking him, he bites on Salad Fingers cheek, making Salad throw him away from him.

Dr. Papanak landed on Salad Fingers horse, known as Horace in the series. Papanak then starts eating on Horace's blood, while Salad Fingers is watching them.


Papanak appears to look white tanned sock puppet, with sharp teeth, black eyes, and brown hair. On Papanak's head, it appears that he has a hole in it, as well a long cut in the middle of his face. Papanak wears a black tie, a white shirt, and a dark blue sweater.






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