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"It has always been my dream to perform in a stadium such as this... A gentleman from the Association told me I could have any stadium I wanted, today. And how could I refuse such kind offer?"
~ Dr. Peace

Pastel Brankino, better known as Dr. Peace, is one of the bosses in the video game No More Heroes. He is a 50-year-old Native American assassin who is a corrupt vice detective, master gunslinger, and is called the "department store of crime." He is ranked ninth in the United Assassins Association. His weapon, two golden magnums, with bullets that explode on contact.


Dr. Peace was a corrupted vice detective who enjoys taking the lives from others, and even admitting that it's a passion. He has done work for the mob. He's also been divorced and was estranged from his daughter, Jennifer.

After Travis became Ranked 10th of the UAA, he was assigned to assassinate Dr. Peace. Silvia told him that he was waiting for him in the Destroy Stadium. As Travis was killing waves of enemies, he couldn't help but hear someone singing. It revealed to be Dr. Peace, singing in Destroy Stadium's baseball field.

As soon as Travis entered the field, Dr. Peace was finishing his song. After making a conversation about Dr. Peace's life, including mentioning about his ex-wife and daughter, him being a junkie for blood, and the UAA, both Dr. Peace and Travis eventually confronted each other. Dr. Peace started the fight by shooting one of his bullets out of his golden mangums.

Just as Travis was about to hit the bullet with his Beam Katana, the bullet exploded in fronted him, causing him to crash into the Stadium. Shortly after however, Travis gets back up and processes to fight Dr. Peace. Near the end for their fight, Travis and Dr. Peace did a stand-off.

With quicker reflexes, Travis manage to slice Dr. Peace's stomach. Before dying, Dr. Peace said the next song would be something his daughter would love. As so as Dr. Peace dies, Travis tells him that it's open mike night in Hell, and that he can sing all he wants down there.


  • Before he and Travis Touchdown's ranking match begins, Peace sings the song "The virgin child makes her wish without feeling anything," written by Goichi Suda, at the podium in Destroy Stadium
  • Dr. Peace bears a strong resemblance to of the late actor, Charles Bronson.
  • There have been rumors that Dr. Peace's daughter; Jennifer might be Bad Girl, since both of them fight Travis in the Destroy Stadium.


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