Mad Doctor Peacock

Dr. Peacock

Dr. Peacock
is an evil scientist who appears as an antagonist in the Froot Loops commercials. He invents a colour ray and uses it to steal Toucan Sam's colour, along with that of the Froot Loops and the box they were in.

Once Uncle Toucan and his nephews figured out the code (which can be deciphered on the Froot Loops box at the time of these three commercials), they traveled to Dr. Peacock's volcano lair and used the colour ray to take away his colours, and then restored Uncle Toucan's colour.

As voted by kids everywhere, when the Froot Loops' colour was restored, the colour rainbow loops were added to them. When Doctor Peacock ate the rainbow Froot Loops, he regained his colour (except that all of his tails were now blue), and turned good.