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Ha ha ha! I, Dr. Pestus, will release my hoard of mechito warriors on you and this planet. And Lilo is the perfect hostage. Do not dare follow us.
~ Pestus' first words to Lilo.

Dr. Pestus is the main antagonist of the Game Boy Advance Lilo & Stitch video game that is set after the 2002 Disney animated film. He is a wanted Mechito terrorist and is sought after by the Galactic Federation.


Lilo was taken to Dr. Pestus, who announced his plan to genetically alter mosquitoes and make them become Mechitos. He did create mechitos before Lilo was found by Stitch. As Lilo and Stitch left Pestus, the bug was captured by the Galactic Federation.


He has a purple and metallic skin. He has red, glowing eyes.


Ah, little girl. Or should I call you mosquito food? You won't thwart my plot to genetically change mosquitoes into mechito warriors. I'll... what's that?
~ Dr. Pestus to Lilo.
You are useless as a hostage, Lilo. Time to squash you... Stitch, you worm, let go of my foot!
~ Dr. Pestus to Lilo.


  • Dr. Pestus refers to Stitch as Stitch instead of 626. A likely reason is that he overheard the Grand Councilwoman.
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