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Your brain is too valuable to waste. Don't make me kill you!
~ Dr. Pickman while defending himself from Daniel Lamb.
Danny, don't listen to Leo. You don't have to do this!
~ Dr. Pickman while fighting with Daniel.
What seest thou else in the dark backward and abyss of time.
~ Dr. Pickman's failsafe phrase.

Dr. Pickman is the secondary antagonist of the 2007 survival horror game Manhunt 2. He is the one responsible for what happened to Daniel Lamb, also being the head researcher of The Project, specializing in brainwashing and manufacturing drugs for military purposes.

He was voiced by Richmond Hoxie.


Dr. Pickman is a genius scientist who created the Pickman Project Facility. After his cruel methods of experimentation were exposed by the government, they stopped funding his experiments, so he resorts to underground research. After creating his greatest invention, Pickman's Bridge - a device which allows two personalities to co-exist, while they are not aware of each other - Pickman requires a human test subject. Daniel Lamb, his co-scientist, voluntarily becomes a test subject.

Pickman's Bridge malfunctions, resulting in Daniel Lamb being able to communicate with his second personality Leo Kasper, which leads to both Daniel and Leo initiating a massacre around Cottonmouth until it culminates with Leo murdering Daniel's wife with a kitchen knife while being possessed by Leo's murderous personality.

Pickman hypnotized Daniel in order to induce total memory loss and placed him in a Dixmor mental institution for 6 years alongside the other victims of Pickman's atrocious projects where they were abused by some of the staff there as one of his cohorts, Dr. Whyte, also attempts to remove the Pickman Bridge from both Daniel and Leo in order to cure Daniel while it is also revealed that Dr. Whyte opposed Pickman's horrific research.

Meanwhile, Pickman also continued his experiments illegaly as he ran a strip club known as "Strip Club and Fetish Dungeon" while hiring several sexual psychopaths known as the Pervs so that he could run a torture dungeon to gain more illegal funding via snuff filming and unwilling test subjects for his own experiments. He also ran a brothel known as Bee's Honey Pot for the same reason.

After escaping from the asylum and finding out Pickman's whereabouts, Daniel infiltrates into the research facility where Pickman is experimenting the Pickman Bridge by using chimpanzees, pursues Pickman, renders him unconscious with a tranquilizer gun and ties to a chair despite Leo being knocked out by Pickman first after Pickman quoting a line from a Shakespearean play. Daniel, possessed by Leo again, tries to force Pickman to remove the Bridge from Daniel's head, while Pickman calmly explains to Leo that with removal of the device, his personality will disappear from Daniel's head.

He then tries to convince Leo to untie him and even goes so far as using the code phrase meant to erase all Daniel's memories which is the same line from the Shakespearean play that he quoted to knock Daniel unconscious, but before passing out, Leo grabs a scalpel from nearby table and stabs Pickman three times in the heart, ending his life. 

Pickman makes his last appearance as a thought-form hunter inside Daniel's mind, who claims that he didn't deserve to die and his experiments are not over and chases Daniel around with a tranquilizer gun. After Dr. Whyte and Daniel himself manages to get rid Leo from Daniel's mind, it is shown that Daniel lost all of his memories after the ordeal, proving that the victims of the Pickman Bridge had a rather high risk on being cured permanently with their memory still intact.

Pickman's Experiments

Before he was shut down by the government, Pickman is notorious for his unethical and inhumane experiments to the point it was in the exploitation territory. Despite this was not shown in the game proper, the folder of his atrocious experiments can be shown via Manhunt 2's official website, the Manhunt wiki itself in the Pickman Project section or this wiki in the Project Pickman section if people decided to do their research on Pickman's atrocious experiments. His experiments includes:

  • FR32: The experiment in question is about how Pickman and his cohorts trying to make a cannibal of their own. To that end, Pickman and his cohorts forces an innocent test subject to eat several nasty things such as cockroaches, his hair balls and when the deed is done, eventually culminates with the test subject eating corpses of human people. This resulted on the test subject committing suicide by slamming his head against the wall for almost an hour.
  • Cavus: The experiment in question has a purpose on trying to make another efficient assassin before he started his magnum opus, The Pickman Bridge. To that end, Pickman and his cohorts then made another test subject to endure the horrific conditioning therapy and the hypnosis that Pickman has put him into while also giving said test subject several suffering to endure ranging from being tortured, starved, sexually assaulted to the point the test subject being exposed to violence. After the test subject becomes obedient and easier to control due to Pickman's horrific brainwashing, he was then stripped naked by Pickman and his cohorts and was ordered to harm other patients while patrolling in the freezing conditions. After the deed is done, Pickman and his cohorts then gave another unwilling participant for the experiment so that said test subject would murder said participant in order to join the position of becoming The Project's field agents.
  • Eminus: Unlike other project who mostly experimented on other people, this project in question tried to experiment on a dangerous weapon that can be used for the assassins to win a war given Pickman used to work for the government. To that end, Pickman experimented on a hollow point bullet for the snipers to use and after the deed is done, Pickman then orders a sniper to be sent to Afghanistan to test the weapon which culminates with 10 men died in 10 seconds after being disintegrated with the hollow point bullet Pickman had invented.
  • Milton IV: The experiment in question is about when Pickman and his cohorts tried to burn someone alive which destroy his senses and sensory part so that he and his cohorts can test a burn-repair salve. However, due to Pickman's atrocity, the man died after he was burned alive and fell into a coma in which Pickman dismissed his death and tried to do the same thing but using an anesthetic to cure the burning victim.
  • Pravitas: The experiment in question has a purpose on trying to make a psychopath to be even worse than before even after they put him through several humiliations after torturing him with atrocious experiments. To that end, Pickman and his cohorts experimented on a psychopath who was diagnosed with acute personality disorder while performing several atrocious experiments towards him such as several atrocious surgeries or continuing his horrific torture by either bashing his mouth with a hammer repeatedly or removing his skin from his buttocks despite the psychopath in question seems to enjoy the pain that he was given by Pickman and his cohorts.


Dr. Pickman appears as a middle aged man who has a balding grey hair and a beard. Most of the time, he also sport a stern and serious look on his face, befitting as his profession on being a scientist. In addition, he also wears glasses, a lab coat with a grey shirt and a black tie tucked inside of it and a brown pants.


Pickman is a cruel, emotionless and calculative person, who will go to any lengths to achieve his goals. He is always calm and collected, even when he appears in person in Dixmor asylum while patients and personnel are fighting around him and when he is tied to a chair and interrogated by Leo, ordering and threatening him in a relaxed manner.

He seems to be involved enough to roam the territory of the researching facility on his own, seeking intruders and ordering his henchmen, but retreats deeper into the building after realizing that such a dangerous individual as Daniel Lamb is inside the facility. Pickman shows some degree of marksmanship proficiency while trying to defend himself from Daniel with a tranquilizer gun.



  • The quote that Pickman chanted when he tried to knock both Daniel and Leo unconscious comes from William Shakespeare's play, "The Tempest".
  • Pickman Bridge and The Project itself is based on a real-life project known as MK-Ultra, a project by CIA and the government with the intent on controlling people's mind via procedures and drugs.
  • One of Pickman's projects, Revera 7, was tied in with Manhunt 2's scrapped level, the Sorority Project. The project itself is notorious for using a student to further their plans.

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