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Dr. Powell is a major antagonist in the 2018 science fiction film Bumblebee. He is a scientist who worked for Agent Jack Burns and Sector 7.

He was portrayed by John Ortiz, who also portrayed Arturo Braga.


Following Bumblebee's crash-land to Earth in 1987, Powell was told of Bumblebee's presence by Burns before they meet up with two Decepticon spies named Shatter and Dropkick, who posed themselves as peacekeepers and told them that Bumblebee is a war criminal.

Deciding to take action, Powell lets Shatter and Dropkick enter into Sector 7's base so that they can use their intel and gain access to his satellites to pinpoint Bumblebee's location; he even convinced their superiors to utilize the new Cybertronian technology that Shatter and Dropkick have for their own ambitions, despite Burns' objections.

After Bumblebee is captured and placed inside a warehouse for interrogation, Powell watches as Shatter and Dropkick torture Bumblebee for information. It wasn't until they learned that Bumblebee received a message from Autobot commander Optimus Prime that they're planning to make Earth their new refuge and protect it from Decepticons, otherwise they (along with the rest of the lifeforms on Earth) would be destroyed.

Upon witnessing the message and overhearing Shatter and Dropkick plotting to gather all Decepticon troops to Earth, Powell realized in horror that he and Sector 7 made a horrible mistake and that Bumblebee is not the hostile invader as Burns thought him to be. To that end, Powell flips his walkie-talkie on and frantically warns Burns about the Decepticons' plot, telling him that they must stop the Decepticons at once. However, Shatter spots Powell warning Burns, so she has Dropkick to kill Powell off with a single blast, the deed in which the blue Decepticon executed with eagerness.

Eventually, Powell's death was avenged when Bumblebee managed to kill both Shatter and Dropkick after foiling their plan to contact the other Decepticons.


While not being a full-fledged villain, Powell is very obsessed with the Cybertronian technology, as he was the first one to eagerly accept their plans at face value, without thinking of potential repercussions. However, unlike Burns, whose distrust towards Decepticons was perfectly rational, Powell misunderstood the consequences as he didn't expect the fact that Decepticons are deceitful and evil in nature until it was too late for him. Powell all in all was too excited and eager for the technology Shatter and Dropkick had to offer to even consider the possibility that the two Decepticons were potential threats to the human race. 



  • Unlike Burns who has qualms in forming an alliance with the Decepticons, Powell does fully admire the Decepticons as he is very much obsessed with using their technology until the end.

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