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Dr. Julius Preterius is a posthumous antagonist in the 1989 German novel Felidae, and its 1994 animated film adaptation. He is a drunk scientist who wants to create a formula that could heal wounds and is the boss of Dr. Ziebold and Dr. Gray.

He was voiced by Gerhard Garbers in the German version, and George Hearn in the English dubbed version.


He is the lead scientist who is in charge of creating a formula that can heal the wounds of cats. In 1980, Preterius and his team undertook awful experiments on stray cats, hoping to create a special glue that could heal flesh wounds. Preterius eventually went mad and bankrupt due to his repeated failures. Eventually, several months later, he finds a stray cat named Claudandus and picked him off the streets. The formula on him became successful and Claudandus became one of his favorite test subjects. Preterius talked to Claudandus like an old friend, and raved about a new, "perfect" breed of cats. Claudandus killed Preterius after the mad doctor "heard" him demanding to be released for a battle and complied. He released the surviving test subjects and was later taken in by Preterius' assistant Ziebold, where he learned about genetics and ancient cat species. Preterius' experiments on Claudandus were the result of him becoming a misanthropic murderer who wanted to create a new race of cats that could overthrow humanity.

Preterius appears in Francis' nightmares as a faceless man who traps him in a metal collar and iron chains.





  • Claudandus came up with the idea of creating a new race of cats after he overheard Preterius wanting to create a "new, extraordinary breed of cats".
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