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Dr. Rhoemer is an unseen antagonist in the fourth Twisted Metal video game. He is mentioned in Orbital's ending.


Dr. Rhoemer was an enigmatic and evil scientist. He invented a deadly biochemical weapon which he called Zytox 4. The weapon was fully capable of removing skin from organic lifeforms including humans.

Dr. Rhoemer wanted to release Zytox 4 onto humanity. He was stopped by British secret agent Orbital (real name unknown). Orbital was able to stop Dr. Rhoemer but he came into partial contact with Zytox 4. As a result, half of Orbital's skin was damaged beyond repair. The damaged portion of Orbital's body revealed half of his skeleton. The British Secret Service managed to detain Dr. Rhoemer and confiscated the Zytox 4 chemical weapon.

Orbital was cursed to live the remainder of his life with a partially exposed body. Orbital regained hope when he was invited to the fourth Twisted Metal tournament. Orbital heard that the contest's winner could wish for anything. He saw this as an opportunity for his body to be restored to its former self.

After winning the contest, Orbital went straight to Melvin who was the representative of Twisted Metal. Orbital described how his body was damaged by Dr. Rhoemer's Zytox 4. He wished to not be the only person on the planet with only half a face. Melvin granted Orbital's wish.

After winning the contest, Orbital returned to the headquarters of the British Secret Service. He was greeted by the other agents whose heads appeared to be damaged just like Orbital. After seeing the director of the British Secret Service, Orbital shed a tear because he didn't get his wish.


  • Dr. Rhoemer's name is an homage to Eric Rhoemer from the first Syphon Filter video game. Twisted Metal 4 and Syphon Filter were released by the same company: 989 Studios.
  • Dr. Rhoemer, himself, is an homage to the villains from the James Bond series.
  • Zytox 1 through 3 are never mentioned. It is possible that they were prototypes.


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