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Dr. Richard Powell is the main antagonist of the 2016 Canadian horror film, The Void. He is the leader of the cult that seek to conquer life and death.

He is portrayed by Kenneth Welsh.


When deputy Daniel Carter takes James, it shows at the hospital, there are Dr. Richard Powell, Maggie and nurses Beverly, Kim and Daniel's wife, Allison Fraser.

When Simon and Vincent arrives at the hospital, James takes Maggie hostage and kills Powell who tries to reason with him. Later Powell arises and kidnaps Allison. After Allison woke up on an operating table, Powell explains he has found a way to fight against death after losing her daughter, Sarah when he flayed his face off. He shows Allison growing to be pregnant.

While Powell's voice talks to Daniel, Daniel attacks the mutated remains of Allison with an axe.

In the morgue room, Powell's voice tells Daniel he has found a power of the conquest of life and death. Powell trusts that Daniel can have his child returned if he accepts to die first. When Maggie stabs Daniel behind, Powell appears to be skinless and partly mutated in front of the void when Maggie kneels before him. While Powell recites an an incantation, he has a Sarah-Creature born from the exploding torso of dying Maggie.

Despite Powell telling Daniel he can be with Allison if he ceases hesitating and lets go, Daniel responds by tackling him to be both fallen into the portal, killing both Powell and Daniel in the process.

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