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Robert elliot

Dr. Robert Elliott, also known as Bobbi, is main villain of 1980 film Dressed to Kill.

He was portrayed by Michael Caine, who also portrayed Michael Jennings in On Deadly Ground, Arthur Tressler in Now You See Me, and Chester "Arthur" King in Kingsman: The Secret Service.


Robert Elliott was respected psychiatrist who dreamt to become a woman someday however his male side refused his wish causing him to undergo breakdown and become serial killer.

One of his patients Kate Miller was unhappily married mother with her son Pete.

She told Robert about her sexual experiences with men and having affairs, as she tried to seduce him but Elliot rejects her advances, triggered him as Bobbi track down Kate who contacted sexually transmitted disease from one night stand and slashed her to death which call girl Liz Blake witness thus become killer's next target . the police refused believe her story, Liz find herself allied with Kate's son Pete who believes her and wants revenge for his mother's death. as they figured about Bobbi's real name.eventually Liz conformed was Robert/Bobbi who tried attacked her with razor before he was shot by female police officer

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