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NOTE: This article is about the incarnation of Dr. Ivo Robotnik from the Sonic the Hedgehog live-action film series. The mainstream version can be found here: Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik. Stop hand.png


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Villain Overview

I'm going to enslave humanity and force them to serve as my machines. First Green Hills, then the universe, then the multiverse, then who knows?! Maybe it'll be enough? Full disclosure: you won't be there.
~ Dr. Robotnik announcing his plans to take over the multiverse.
Human beings are unreliable and stupid, and I care very little about them. But my machines are diligent, relentless... They're everything to me!
~ Robotnik proudly admitting his hatred for humans and affinity for machines.
Papa's got a brand new 'stache!
~ Dr. Robotnik upon reuniting with Agent Stone.

Dr. Ivo Gerald Robotnik, also referred to as "Dr. Eggman", is the main antagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog film series, serving as the main antagonist of Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic the Hedgehog 2, the overarching antagonist of the tie-in comic book Sonic the Hedgehog 2: The Official Movie Pre-Quill and the unseen overarching antagonist of the short film Sonic Drone Home.

He is a brilliant yet unstable and narcissistic roboticist who planned to take Sonic's powers for himself in order to conquer the world and later to use the Master Emerald to enslave all realities. Henceforth, Robotnik becomes Sonic the Hedgehog's arch-nemesis, just like in every other adaption of the franchise.

He was portrayed by Jim Carrey, who also played the title character in The Mask, The Riddler in Batman Forever, the title character in The Cable Guy, The Grinch in Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Count Olaf in Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, Walter Sparrow in The Number 23 and Steve Gray in The Incredible Burt Wonderstone.


Robotnik's look in the first film

Doctor Robotnik was originally was a tall, lean, slick man with a full head of chocolate brown hair in an undercut style, along with a large elegant mustache, a normal healthy looking nose, brown eyes, and fair skin.

Throughout most of the first film, he wears a long black trenchcoat with four customized tails and red piping, a dark grey tunic and trousers, black high-top trainers and specially modified gloves which allow him to remotely control his drones and other equipment. Earlier on he also wore a pair of rectangular sunglasses but discarded them after they were damaged when Tom knocked him over with his punch. Later on, he ditches the coat and suit instead for his flight gear; a red spandex bodysuit with black and brown accents as well as knee and elbow pads, he also wears goggles with red lenses along with this outfit and a pair of black leather loafers with matching driving gloves.

Later, while trapped on the Mushroom Planet, Robotnik is shown to have adopted an appearance that is more similar to both his video game and Sonic X counterparts, having shaved his head completely bald while his clothes are rendered tattered and his mustache has grown wildly out of control and turned brighter now resembling a more ginger or orange shade than before.

As of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Robotnik's look combines both his standard clothes and flight gear from the first movie as well as the mainstream Robotnik's iconic red and black outfit; with him retaining his bald head and wild mustache while now wearing a red, high collared frock coat with a black interior and accents as well as black trousers and matching Cuban-heeled boots. He also wears similar flight goggles with red lenses and modified gloves to the ones he wore in the original film. Possibly due to excessive stress because of his exile on the Mushroom Planet, Robotnik's eyes are show to have sunken and gained very visible dark circles, giving him a resemblance to the eyes of his 90s animated incarnations. When absorbing chaos energy this outfit turns entirely black with green accents.


Air Force Chief of Staff: You're not suggesting who I think you're suggesting?
Commander Walters: I know, he's a little weird.
Air Force Chief of Staff: Weird?! He's a psychological tire-fire!
~ The Air Force Chief of Staff dismissing Robotnik's sanity.

Robotnik is a malevolent human who has been described as a "psychological tire fire." Usually, he comes across as an assertive and self-confident person who does not let his convictions waver in the face of others. However, his genius makes him extremely narcissistic. He will declare himself the head of any operation he is involved in, voicing his supposed superiority to those he comes across without hesitation or consideration, and viewing everyone else around him as inferior and basic. He is very arrogant and condescending, and thinks that the hardest thing about being "the smartest person in the world is that everyone else is stupid." He prides himself on his intellect and refuses to acknowledge surprise, instead falling back on the excuse that his movements of surprise do not count since he is "expecting not to expect something." These traits largely stem from Robotnik's severe inferiority complex which originates from childhood bullying. As a result, he yearns for acknowledgment and recognition. This results in him bringing up personal accomplishments in order to make himself feel superior.

Robotnik is also characterized by his eccentric behavior. This includes sudden mood swings, mimicking robotic noises and movements, using large and complicated words in conversations to describe a simple situation, and dancing wildly to his own scenarios when he believes he is alone.

Robotnik does not tolerate failure and is very quick to lose his temper, which prompts his violent mood swings. Robotnik is willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish his goals, as evidenced by the numerous lethal measures he took to capture Sonic and get rid of anyone helping him, and the destruction he caused to San Francisco and the Great Pyramids of Egypt. Despite his claims of wanting to improve the Earth, he is happily aware that he is "evil" and thus wishes to achieve improvement the way he envisions it, having for example put a label on his lab's light switch that says, "evil lab". He also has a large chip on his shoulder about being bullied as a child and hates being reminded of how he used to be at the mercy of unintelligent brutes.

Robotnik has an incredibly sadistic streak, seizing any opportunity to inflict pain upon other people, and relishing every second of it. Notably, he would happily talk about how he wanted to dissect Sonic and "see what makes him tick", and smile as he threatened to kill Tom while interrogating him and reciting the US Code.

An egomaniacal and sociopathic misanthrope, Robotnik often voices his distaste for humanity, viewing human beings as inefficient creatures of hubris and desire. Humans similarly bore the doctor to the state that he considers their lives meaningless and therefore he has no desire for having friends, which he is proud not to have. Robotnik is similarly completely devoid of empathy for any lifeform, be they humans, animals, or those in-between, being unable to understand why Tom would risk everything to help Sonic. As such, Robotnik hates everybody around him, although he is shown to tolerate Agent Stone, whom he compliments for his lattes, albeit very aggressively. The prequel comment even has him admit that, while Stone is an idiot compared to him, he’s far smarter than most humans.

Despite Robotnik openly stating that he will not miss Agent Stone, he did create a stand-in of his lackey to keep him company on the Mushroom Planet. This could imply either that he does crave human company on some level, or that he just needs someone to abuse. He is shown to be less abusive with Stone in the sequel, reuniting with him after he gets back to Earth. Although he does leave him behind before going on his trip with Knuckles, he frees Stone after Wade captured him. He later brings Stone with him to his robot at the latter's request after gaining ultimate power, despite the fact he easily could have abandoned him and even thanks Stone sincerely for his compliments as well as giving him minor praise for quickly learning the robot's manual controls. This suggests Robotnik does truly see Stone as a friend or that months of exile devoid of human interaction have made him more appreciative of Stone and come to view him as such.

Owning to his hatred of humanity and being a staunch perfectionist, Robotnik values only robotics, which he sees as practical and functional since they always follow their programming and do what they are told. He is especially proud of his Badnik drones, which he displays affection for and praises for being relentless and effective. In his own words, his machines are everything to him, and he considers them to be a part of the further evolution of mankind.

Over the course of his hunt for Sonic's power, Robotnik's sanity would degrade to the point where he became completely obsessed with obtaining Sonic's power by any means necessary, eventually becoming willing to place himself in life-threatening situations where he would fail to realize the danger until it was too late. After spending almost three months alone on the Mushroom Planet, his grip on sanity would degrade even further (despite his claims to the contrary), as he would talk to a stone as if it was a real person. Eventually, after spending 243 days on the Mushroom Planet, the prolonged isolation has had a significant negative effect on the doctor's psyche: Robotnik's sanity has nearly completely disintegrated, losing what little control and restraint he had and acting completely erratic and psychotic.

By the sequel, Robotnik's pursuit of Sonic has evolved from taking the latter's power to exacting revenge for his defeat. In the battle against the giant mech, Sonic realized and utilized the fact that Robotnik wanted to destroy him more than anything. Appearing before the hedgehog upon his return, the scientist vowed vengeance on Sonic, Tom, and Maddie (even sadistically including the Wachowskis' dog Ozzy to spite him), making good on that threat by attempting to kill them with his giant robot. No longer affiliated with the US government, Robotnik was unhesitant in attacking the G.U.N. squad led by his former superior Walters with his omnipotent powers. The intensified antagonism also extended to Tails, who he labeled as a weakness for Sonic, and Knuckles for their affiliation to Sonic that was similar to the Wachowskis and tried to kill them as well as they battled his robot.

Powers and Abilities

Former Powers (when using the Master Emerald)

  • Nigh-Omnipotence: Possessing the Master Emerald's ability to turn thoughts into reality, Robotnik is able to perform various reality-bending feats in this form, which grants him a vast array of powers. He pridefully called himself "all-powerful" as part of this.
  • Electrokinesis: By absorbing the Master Emerald, Robotnik became a conduit of Chaos Energy, much like Sonic and Knuckles. Such energy would appear in the form of green lightning that coursed through his body.
  • Levitation: Robotnik used such power when confronting the forces of G.U.N., exiting the Mean Bean Coffee Café hovering above the ground in a display of superiority. Furthermore, he entered the Giant Eggman Robot using his levitation, and hovered around inside the robot's head while controlling it.
  • Teleportation: Upon absorbing the Master Emerald, Robotnik's first use of its ultimate power was to teleport from the Emerald Temple back to Green Hills. He also used it to quickly maneuver through enclosed spaces, such as the lobby of the Mean Bean Coffee Café or the head of the Giant Eggman Robot.
  • Limited Creation: Robotnik created a manual for his giant robot out of nowhere, given that he had no previous blueprints for the machine.
  • Voice Alteration: Robotnik had the ability to change his own voice to resemble auto tune.
  • Telekinesis: While empowered, Robotnik used this ability in various ways, such as releasing Agent Stone from handcuffs, disassembling and reassembling all technology into his Giant Eggman Robot, and lifting Agent Stone in order to bring him along to the inside of the robot.


  • Genius-Level Intellect: Dr, Robotnik has an IQ of 300[1] and 5 PhDs. His intellect has allowed him to create various types of highly advanced and revolutionary remote-controlled machinery and robot drones. The government despises him but acknowledges his brilliance as they reluctantly entrusted him to investigate the cause of the blackout. He once accurately determine Sonic's exact height, weight and entire skeletal structure based on nothing but a footprint of his, and determine and harness the power of Sonic's alien biology. With impressive foresight, Robotnik built a series of traps ahead of time on the Mushroom Planet, and each of them are utilized against the three warriors that enter through the ring portal. He managed to measure the timing between each trap in the temple going off, allowing to dodge them before deciding to send out a drone to scan for traps and give him exact directions on how to avoid them.
  • Master Engineer: Robotnik is a very gifted world-class engineer and inventor, being the proud creator of a line of revolutionary robotic drones, the Badniks, which he controls with his remote control glove. While trapped on the Mushroom Planet with limited resources, He managed to construct an energy beacon from the parts of his Eggpod in hopes of producing an energy signal that would attract the attention of those off-world. Robotnik has great skill in setting booby traps out of mushrooms that took out the warriors working with Knuckles. By combining his mastery of engineering with the power of the Master Emerald, Robotnik constructed the Giant Eggman Robot, using G.U.N.'s arsenal and various other components from the environment which he pulled in with his newfound powers.
  • Master Scientist: Robotnik is a genius with overwhelming scientific prowess, particularly with applications of engineering. He is said to have 5 PhDs and has doctorates apparently regarding biology, mathematics, mechanics, physics and robotics.
  • Master Pilot: Robotnik is a skilled pilot with keen vehicle intuition and reflexes, being able to expertly pilot his Eggpod through the narrow streets of San Francisco at speeds compatible to Sonic's while taking accurate shots at Sonic. He managed to match Tails' flying speed through piloting his Egg Mobile. Even without the Master Emerald powering the Giant Eggman Robot, Robotnik managed to pilot it using its instrument panel and a backup power.
  • Master Tactician: Robotnik can be a brilliant and cunning strategist when properly motivated. He has proven to be prepared for virtually any situation he gets into. He had the foresight to design an armed robotic vehicle to deploy a smaller one from its underside in the event it gets tipped on its side, and the smaller vehicle can in turn continue functioning so long as it has even one wheel left. And even if it loses that, its eye can take flight and has some manner of cutting laser. If it stops working in that form, it becomes a sticky bomb. Robotnik managed to tricked three alien warriors into falling into traps he personally made with impressive precision. He exploited Knuckles' undying determination and gullibility by convincing the echidna that he would help him find the Master Emerald so that he could use it to destroy Sonic. He made sure the Giant Eggman Robot had backup power to keep trucking on in case he somehow managed to lose the Master Emerald.
  • Master Survivalist: Robotnik has impressive survival skills. After being stranded on the Mushroom Planet, he was able to fend for himself with only a pack of salvaged scrap, his wrist device, and his intelligence for nearly three months.
  • Multilingualism: Besides English, Robotnik has been shown to be able to speak fluent Japanese, French, and Spanish.



  • Agent Stone
  • United States Army (formerly)
  • Commander Walters (formerly)
  • Major Bennington (formerly)
  • Knuckles the Echidna (formerly)


  • Sonic the Hedgehog (archenemy)
  • Miles "Tails" Prower
  • Tom Wachowski
  • Wade Whipple
  • Knuckles the Echidna (currently)
  • Maddie Wachowski
  • Roadhouse Thug
  • Crazy Carl
  • United States Army
  • Major Bennington
  • Guardian Units of Nations
  • Commander Walters
  • Secretary of Homeland Security


Sonic the Hedgehog

Are you really in charge here?
~ Dr. Robotnik, as he takes over the U.S. military's operation.
You've never seen anything like this before. It says I'm the top banana, in a world full of hungry little monkeys! Allow me to clarify: in a sequentially-ranked hierarchy based on level of critical importance, the disparity between us is too vast to quantify.
~ Robotnik describing his superiority to Major Bennington.
NOBODY CARES! Nobody Cares! Listen, Major Nobody-Cares, you know why nobody cares who you are? Because nobody cares about your feeble accomplishments. Because nobody cares how proud your mommy is that you're now reading at a third-grade level! Have you finished Charlotte's Web yet? Spoiler alert, she dies in the end. But she leaves behind a big, creepy egg-sack!
~ Dr. Robotnik asserting authority over Major Bennington.
Oh, my babies! Look at what came out of my egg sack! You know what I love about machines? They do what they're told. They follow their programming. They don't need time off to get drunk and put the boat in the water! Now you do what you're told, stand over there on the edge of your personal abyss...and watch my machines do your job.
~ Doctor Robotnik praising his Badnik drones.
Robotnik: I'm sure they do. I'm sure you're hella popular with the Jeb and Merls and Billy Bobs in this glorified gas station rest stop. Bet you go way back to the days of tipping cows and playing in a jugband! And maybe someday… you'll achieve your goal of getting a Costco card or adopting a Labradoodle. But the reality is... I surpassed everything you're ever going to do! Before I was a toddler! I was spitting out formulas while you were still spitting up formula!
Tom: I was breast-fed, actually.
Robotnik: Nice. Rub that in my orphan face.
~ Robotnik insulting Tom.
Mr. Wachowski, are you familiar with US Code 904, Title 10, Article 104? Anyone who attempts to aid an enemy of the United States shall suffer death! And if I'm the one that catches you, it'll be even worse.
~ Robotnik, to Tom.
Here's the thing. I'm never wrong.
~ Robotnik.
Look at that. I was right. Note the lack of surprise. Shall we try this again? I'm going to give you five... seconds to tell me where it is.
~ Doctor Robotnik threatening Sheriff Tom Wachowski to tell him where is Sonic hiding.
How can you threaten someone that never existed? Three. COME ON, WRACK YOUR BRAIN! You might be able to come up with some lame excuse to go on living! In two. ONE!
~ Robotnik threatening to kill Tom.
Whatever this creature is, it's our job to secure it, neutralize it, uncover the source of its power. And if it resists... we take it apart, piece by piece, see what makes it tick.
~ Doctor Robotnik to Agent Stone about Sonic.
Agent Stone? Call Optical Illusions. Tell 'em I need new frames. They know what kind I like.
~ Robotnik, to Agent Stone, after discarding his glasses.
Robotnik: I want you to know that the only other person who ever punched me in the face was the school bully. He hit me in the cafeteria causing a blunt-force contusion to the soft tissue surrounding my orbital bone, humiliated me in front of the entire school, and do you know what I did in response?
Tom: Uh, I'm assuming you reported him to the principal's office, because you know that kind of behavior is really unacceptable.
Robotnik: No. I examined the inefficiency of a world where brawn trumped brain and I used technology to resolve that inefficiency. The boy at his meals through a straw for a year! And I have never lost a fight again—until today.
Tom: Hey, horary for me then, huh?
Robotnik: No, because you're about to become the bully! With the straw! I'm coming for you, Mr. Wachowshi. And when I catch you I'll—hello? Hello? Hello hello hello?
~ Robotnik threatening tom over the phone until he hangs up.
Now that's what I call "good cop, bad cop".
~ Dr. Robotnik after interrogating and injuring an unruly bar-goer who Sonic previously defeated.
Left yourself open.
~ Doctor Robotnik after punching Agent Stone.
Eeny, meeny, miny...mayhem!
~ Doctor Robotnik
Ever wonder where your tax dollars are going?
~ Doctor Robotnik
No, but thank you for asking.
~ Dr. Robotnik to Sonic before degrading his machine during the pursuit of the hedgehog.
~ Doctor Robotnik's breakdown
Do you know why I won't miss you when you're gone? Human beings are unreliable and stupid, and I care very little about them. But my machines are diligent, relentless... They're everything to me!
~ Robotnik, to Agent Stone.
What do I look like, an imbecile? Of course I want a latte. I LOVE THE WAY YOU MAKE THEM!!
~ Robotnik to Agent Stone.
Ready the Prototype. With this kind of power, my machines will finally reach their full potential.
~ Robotnik as the Eggpod process is complete, and after examining a quill from Sonic.
The time for talking is over! It's time to push buttons!
~ Doctor Robotnik after Tom and Sonic mock him.
Confidence! A fool's substitute for intelligence.
~ Dr. Robotnik's reply to Sonic's boasting.
I was not expecting that... But I was expecting not to expect something, so it doesn't count.
~ Doctor Robotnik
Can I give you one genius piece of advice? Don't run - it'll only hurt more if you do. And it's bad for your joints; they've proved it.
~ Dr. Robotnik to Sonic the Hedgehog.
The hard way it is.
~ Doctor Robotnik begins chasing Sonic.
That was an illegal left, by the way.
~ Doctor Robotnik chasing Sonic.
You are an astonishing little creature! It'll be fun to take you back to my lab for a litany of invasive and painful experiments. I don't have to tell you how many scientific breakthroughs have been made possible by animal testing. You're being very selfish.
~ Dr. Robotnik to Sonic the Hedgehog.
Why would you throw your life away for this...this...thing? This is why I don't have friends. Next thing you know, you're somebody's best man, they wanna have a wedding out of town, like nobody has anything better to do! Anyway, where were we? Oh, right—you were about to die.
~ Dr. Robotnik failing to understand why Sheriff Tom Wachowski would give his life for Sonic the Hedgehog.
~ Dr. Robotnik to Sonic for beating him up before being banished.
My grasp on sanity remains...absolute. Isn't that right, Agent Stone? [picks up the Rock named "Agent Stone"] Why don't you get a head start? [throws the rock] Do some rock-connaissance! HAHAHAHAHA! ROCKONNAISSANCE! COME ON, THAT'S HILARIOUS! WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH YOU? Here's the sitch: Uninhabited planet. No resources. No supplies. No apparent way home. A lesser man would die here. I'll be home by Christmas. (...) ROCK-CONNAISSANCE!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Come on, cheer up!!!
~ Dr. Robotnik on the Mushroom planet.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Doctor's log. It's Day 243 in this... portabello purgatory. My only companion is a rock I named Stone. The question is, for whom am I narrating this? It seems I've become a featured player in the theater of the absurd. Marooned in deep space by that wretched blue rodent. But it's all goood, thanks to a breathable atmosphere and my supreme intellect, sharpened against the only competitor savy enough to bring it. I've been striving to make fungi into a functional drink of choice -mushroom coffee - with limited, limited, limited success. But today, day 243, has brought a new optimism to my most pressing endeavour: Planetus Exodus to Returnicus and Kick Blue Butticus! If my calculations are correct - and there's no reason to say 'if', because they always are - this quill is going to power my masterpiece. Let's light this candle and see who comes a-knocking.
~ Robotnik preparing his plan to escape the Mushroom Planet.
It's time to say goodbye to this... PIECE OF SHIITAKE PLANET!
~ Robotnik upon running to a portal off mushroom world.
Knuckles: Where did you get that?
Robotnik: From a little blue menace on the planet called Earth. I'd be happy to show you the way.
~ Robotnik's first meeting with Knuckles.
Sonic: Eggman?!
Robotnik: Hello,
hedgehog. Did you miss me?
Sonic: I don't know how you got back, but you made a big mistake coming here.
Robotnik: Au contraire mon frère. The mistake was thinking you'd won. But that was just a prelude; an hors d'oeuvre, an apéritif, an amuse-bouche.
Sonic: I get it.
[chuckles] I don't think you do, but you're about to. And so will that idiot sheriff and his wife. (mimicking voice of the Wicked Witch of the West) AND YOUR LITTLE DOG, TOO!
~ Robotnik meeting Sonic, once again, and threatening about how he returned to Earth from the Mushroom planet, his plan to get revenge and Sonic, Tom, Maddie, and Ozzy before Knuckles attacks Sonic.
Where are my manners? Sonic, meet... Knuckles. My new BFFAE; Bestest friend, forever and ever!
~ Robotnik introducing Knuckles to Sonic.
So nice when diabolical evil lives up to the hype!
~ Dr. Robotnik watching Sonic and Knuckles battle.
Ultimate power? Now you're speaking my language.
~ Dr. Robotnik hearing about the Master Emerald for the first time.
Robotnik: You see, Earth is my turf, G. If you don't know how to floss you'll be lost without me.
Knuckles: I understand nothing of what you just said.
Robotnik: I help you retrieve the Emerald. And you use it to...
Knuckles: You're suggesting an alliance?
Robotnik: Around here we simply grip each other's hands tightly.
~ Robotnik allying himself with Knuckles.
That means he trusts you, Stone. Now let's renovate this dump!
~ Robotnik after Knuckles crushes Stone's hand.
Since I've been gone, I've discovered the source of ultimate power!
~ Robotnik to Agent Stone about his discovery on the Master Emerald.
It's been on my vision board for years.
~ Dr. Robotnik to Agent Stone, watching Sonic text Tom.
Robotnik: Heads up, my little stalagmites! Someone call an Uber? Hey...thanks for doing all the hard stuff!
Knuckles: But we'll take it from here.
Sonic: Okay, we really gotta talk about your new look. It's like Professor X meets the Monopoly Man! And what kind of genius shows up to Siberia in a
Robotnik: The kind of genius that can turn up the heat... with the flick of a switch.
~ Robotnik confronting Sonic and Tails in the Siberian temple.
Later, haters!
~ Robotnik stealing the Emerald Compass and injuring Tails.
Knuckles: He chose helping the fox over pursuing the compass?
Robotnik: Of course he did. New friend, same
pathetic weakness.
~ Robotnik dismissing Sonic's friendship with Tails.
See ya, kids! Enjoy the fresh powder!
~ Robotnik leaving Sonic and Tails to die in the avalanche.
I don't wanna die like this! It's derivative! Make room for daddy!
~ Robotnik while being chased by the temple traps.
Robotnik: Hey, Little Red Wrecking-Ball? I know you're dying to get your Emerald on, but can we be a little bit more mindful of our surroundings? May I?
Computer: In thirty-feet, turn left.
Robotnik: Work smarter, not harder.
~ Robotnik giving advice to Knuckles.
Robotnik: This guy is always trying to spoil a bad thing!
Sonic: Oh, you guys are here too? Took the long way, huh?
Knuckles: Is everything a joke to you?! Why must you constantly interfere with my destiny?
Sonic: Because my destiny is to protect my friends and family.
Robotnik: I think I just threw up in my mouth.
~ Robotnik disgusted by Sonic's affections.
Sadly, you’re as useful to me now as a backstage pass to Limp Bizkit!
~ Robotnik before betraying Knuckles.
Knuckles: WAIT! This wasn't the deal!
Robotnik: Oh, you poor, naïve creature. It's not your fault. A more advanced intellect would've seen this move coming a mile away. Or one point six kilometers.
Knuckles: But I trusted you!
You were my friend!
[mocking laughter, fake crying, maniacal laughter] I'm sorry. That just hit me funny. Let this be my final lesson to you, you dim-witted celestial skin-tag. Friends are open, honest and vulnerable with each other. Which means X squared times the hypotenuse of Y squared divided by the absolute value of friendship equals... DOOKIE!
~ Robotnik betraying Knuckles.
~ Robotnik stealing the Master Emerald.
Hedgehog... it's time to say goodbye to humanity.
~ Robotnik showing his new plan.
Tom: Rocking the new spring collection, I see?
Robotnik: Well, if it isn't the Pastry King.
Tom: The Donut Lord! You know, a real genius would remember the name of the guy who helped kick your butt off this planet, and I'll do it again if you mess with Green Hills!
Robotnik: Congratulations on your oh-so-temporary sense of superiority.
Walters: You're finished, Robotnik! We've taken everything - your lab, your drones, your funding! Let's see how big of a man you are without your silly little robots!
Robotnik: Would you like to see how...
big a man I can be? Welcome... to the new norm!
~ Robotnik confronting Tom, Maddie, Commander Walters and G.U.N. before constructing the Giant Eggman Robot.
Stone: Sir... you're amazing!
Robotnik: Thank you, sycophant! Your admiration is inevitable.
~ Robotnik responding to Stone's praise.
Die, mosquito!
~ Robotnik attempting to kill Knuckles.
Ooh! I felt that.
~ Robotnik when Knuckles punches his robot's hand.
~ Robotnik using the Death Egg Robot'arms cannon,attempting to kill Sonic.
Stone? Oh, great. Next thing you know, there'll be a report about a hostile work environment.
~ Robotnik's reaction to seeing Stone knocked out.
You don't tell me about coming and getting! I am on the CUTTING EDGE of coming and getting! Coming, getting! Coming, getting! Coming, getting! Coming, getting!
~ Robotnik chasing after Sonic.
I'm going to enslave humanity and force them to service my machines. First Green Hills, then the universe, then the multiverse, then who knows?! Maybe it'll be enough? Full disclosure: you won't be there.
~ Robotnik announcing his plan to take over the multiverse and kill Sonic.
Giving up already? Not so tough fighting someone seven-hundred times your size, are ya? You can't beat me! I'm all powerful! All-knowing!... All-seeing.
~ Robotnik after critically injuring Sonic and discovering Tails' presence.
You can't outsmart me! I'm the outsmarterer!
~ Robotnik to Tails.
Look... at the happy, little family.
~ Robotnik preparing to destroy the Wachowskis.
~ Robotnik believing he has destroyed Sonic.
I like the new look. It works for you! What do you say we just let bygones be bygones? I did some things, you did some things. There are good people on both sides. Surely, two intelligent beings... can work things OUT!
~ Robotnik meeting Super Sonic and attempting to attack him with his robot, only to fail.
Oh, it's like that? Okay! We're not friends! LATER HATER!
~ Robotnik's last words before falling to his supposed death.


  • Back when the first Sonic the Hedgehog trailer was released, which received mostly mixed-to-negative reactions due to Sonic's Design, Jim Carrey's portrayal as Robotnik was well-received by most fans, with some even saying that Carrey's Robotnik is actually the only reason they would go to see the film. Indeed, once the film was released, Carrey's performance was positively received by film critics and audiences alike.
  • This incarnation of Robotnik has spawned some internet memes from his dialogue (alongside with his AoStH counterpart), such as "I was not expecting that, but I was expecting not to expect something so it doesn't count." and "OH!!! GIVE ME A BIG FAT BREAK!!".
  • Ahead of the release of Sonic the Hedgehog, Jim Carrey noted the similarities between his portrayal of Robotnik and his portrayal of the Riddler in Batman Forever, feeling that their motivations to become evil came from the sense of neglect and even commenting that he believes that they would make a great team.
  • Funnily enough, long before taking on the role of Robotnik, Jim Carrey covered the Beatles song "I Am The Walrus" for George Martin's 1998 album "In My Life", which features a multitude of famous people covering various songs sung by The Beatles. The song contains the lyric "I am the egg man".
    • Robotnik's lean appearance maybe inspired by his STC counterpart, where Ovi Kintobor, Robotnik's previous identity, is also a lean and stick man.
  • His theme is almost a bit similar to his AoStH counterpart's theme song.
  • The scene in which Dr. Robotnik chases Sonic across some of the Seven Wonders of the World may have been a reference to Sonic the Hedgehog: Wonders of the World, an script written by Richard Jeffries back in the mid-1990s for an unproduced Sonic the Hedgehog film by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. In Jefferies' script, Dr. Robotnik would have escaped from the Sega Saturn console alongside Sonic and try to take over the world by converting the Seven Wonders of the World into virtual reality experiences to profit off of people wanting to see them.
  • When Sonic attacks Robotnik's ship at the end of the first movie, he hits the ship eight times, which is the exact number of hits it took to defeat Robotnik in the early Sonic the Hedgehog games.
  • Robotnik got the name "Eggman" because of his drones appear to be egg-shaped, while his counterpart got his because his body's egg-shaped.
  • Although only being called Eggman by Sonic, Robotnik's famous Eggman game logo appears in the 16-Bit end credits scene along with him using his Egg Mobile to lower a wrecking ball which references the very first boss battle of the first Sonic The Hedgehog video game from 1991.
  • What attracted Jim Carrey to this project more than anything else was that his daughter was a big fan of the Sonic the Hedgehog games growing up.
  • The villain was known as Dr. Robotnik outside Japan prior to Sonic Adventure (1998). Sonic the Hedgehog called him "Eggman" as more of an insult before the villain became known as Dr. Eggman.
  • Jim Carrey entirely improvised Dr. Robotnik's dance scene. Carrey also recommended the song "Where Evil Grows", which he had heard as a child.
  • According to Van Robichaux, the original script had Robotnik owning a coffee machine which he refers to as the "Mean Bean Machine" (after the 1993 video game Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine) and subsequently using it to make coffee.
    • In the final film, it was rewritten to Stone giving Robotnik some latte, to which he remarks "I LOVE THE WAY YOU MAKE THEM!!!"
    • Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine is later referenced in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 in the form of the Mean Bean Coffee Café, which is owned by Agent Stone as a front for a secret, high-tech lair.
  • In his rambling assault against Major Bennington, Robotnik mentions Charlotte's Web, then refers to his ovular white drones as his own eggs. In the movie's world, this later becomes the source of Robotnik's nickname, Eggman, and Charlotte's Web ends with the birth of a bunch of baby spiders from an egg sac.
  • This is the first video game-based movie Jim Carrey is in. He had previously been approached to adapt the Leisure Suit Larry games into a film in the 1990s.
  • Jim Carrey's portrayal marks the first time Dr. Eggman has been played by someone other than Mike Pollock in English since Sonic Advance 3 (2004).
  • When Dr. Robotnik first appears, he's seen wearing rectangular sunglasses, which are a homage to Warden Zobotnik, an alternate counterpart from from the Archie Comics "Sonic the Hedgehog" series. It's not until the final battle that he dons his iconic goggles.
  • Robotnik has a button on the circuit breaker in his party bus labeled "Badniks." Badniks were the name sometimes used for the robotic enemies Sonic has faced throughout the franchise. In the film, the Badniks are the drones Robotnik deploys after Sonic.
  • Dr. Robotnik keeps Sonic's quill in a cylindrical container, whose design resembles the Chaos Drive from Sonic Adventure 2.
  • Robotnik being a government scientist is shared with his grandfather from the games, Gerald Robotnik. His disdain for organic life and instead trusting machines, while is implied with Eggman in the games, is more in line with Lyric from Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric.
    • His personality is very silly and over the top, like in most games and cartoons. But when he is being serious and threatening he comes off more like the dark, evil and tyrannical Dr. Robotnik from Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM). Additionally, the egg-shaped drones he uses throughout the film bear a striking resemblance to the Stealth-Orbs from that cartoon.
  • For all his claims of begin superior above humanity, Robotnik knows on a instinctual level that he NEEDS social interaction. In the second movie, he questioned why he was making a log; who would hear it?
  • It's said by Jim Carrey that Sonic The Hedgehog 2 would probably be his last performance before his retirement (if he chooses to), after this announcement, the movie production team immediately responded that they will not give Robotnik's role to anyone else, however also hoping the third film's script would be interesting enough for him to return.
  • The novelization of the second film reveals that Robotnik's middle name is Gerald which was the first name of his grandfather from the games Gerald Robotnik. This implies that Gerald existed in the film series and created Shadow like in the games.
  • Robotnik is shown in the second film to have a love for heavy metal music as he specifically listens to Walk by Pantera. Fittingly enough the song lyrics perfectly fit Robotnik's character and personality.


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