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Dr. Roger Girard is the hidden main human antagonist of the film The Incredible 2-Headed Transplant. He is portrayed by Bruce Dern


Dr. Roger Girard is a Mad Scientist experimenting with head transplantation. His caretaker Andrew Norton has a son, Danny Norton who is an extremely strong full-grown man, but he has the mind of a child. In an unusual turn of events, Manuel Cass, a maniacal killer, has murdered Dr. Girard's caretaker and is badly injured himself. Dr. Girard decides to transplant the serial killer's head onto Danny's body. The new creature, with one head of a murderer and the other with the mental capacity of an eight-year old attached to an extremely powerful body, begins wreaking havoc.

his wife, Linda Girard, is about to walk out on her reclusive husband, who locks himself inside his experimental laboratory for days and weeks on end a lab she is expressly forbidden from entering. This she confesses to mutual friend, Dr. Ken Anderson, fearing her husband might be headed for another nervous breakdown, and hoping this threat will snap him out of his current spiral. Anderson promises to deliver her ultimatum when Roger grants him access to his lab, and his henchman, Max, have been hard at work, obsessively grafting a secondary head onto a menagerie of critters; most recently a monkey. The end goal of this? A full, and hopefully successful, human head transplant from one body to another. You know, for science.