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Oh no... not detention! Not DETENTION!! (Benedict: TAKE HIM AWAY!!) No, please, I can fix it! DON'T DO THIS TO ME!!!
~ Dr. Rosenthal before being detained.

Dr. Rosenthal is a minor antagonist of the 2001 Disney animated film Recess: School's Out!. He is the lead Anti-Recess Scientists who worked for Dr. Phillium Benedict of the Anti-Recess Legion until his dismissal.

He was voiced by the late Tony Jay, who also played Judge Claude Frollo in Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and Shere Khan in both TaleSpin and The Jungle Book 2.


Being involved in Benedict's plot to abolish summer vacation by bringing in permanent winter, Dr. Rosenthal was tasked to utilize a tractor beam that Benedict stole from a U.S. military base. After the Legion took control of Third Street Elementary School as their own base of operations, Rosenthal started performing numerous preparations on the tractor beam.

After the preparations, Rosenthal informed Benedict that they were ready to conduct a new test, and orders the other scientists to activate the beam on the Moon. Unfortunately for him, the test proved to be a failure as the beam only moved the Moon a few feet before shutting down. Upon witnessing this, Benedict demands for Rosenthal to answer why it failed. Rosenthal tried to explain that there were a few bugs in the system and that he will fix them as soon as possible, but Benedict did not care by comparing this event to dealing with a "repeated troublemaker".

Upon hearing this, Rosenthal realized in horror that Benedict is planning to have him detained in "detention" for his obvious failure. As an angry Benedict orders Kojak and an Anti-Recess Agent to take Rosenthal away, Rosenthal begged for mercy to no avail just as Benedict promotes Rosenthal's assistant to fill in the empty position.

It is unknown what happened to Rosenthal afterwards; either he was executed by Benedict's men for his failure, or he was arrested alongside Benedict and his men and sent to prison for their crimes following their plot being foiled.


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