My expertise was unusable to the outside world. This was my life's work. The only thing I know how to do is make robots.
~ Dr. Ross explaining why he rejoined Black Ghost

Dr. Godfrey Ross is a scientist who formerly worked for the Black Ghost organization before defecting from it and trying to reform. However, he was coerced by Dr. Keeley to try and bring back its reign. He appears as an antagonist in the "Deinonychus" arc in the manga and the 21st episode of the anime, "Fossils of Evil". 


While a part of Black Ghost, Dr. Ross worked on the 00 Cyborgs with his colleague Dr. Gilmore. Dr. Ross went missing some time after the organization's collapse, though he eventually got into contact with Dr. Gilmore, saying that he had turned over a new leaf and entered the field of paleontology. Dr. Ross claimed that he had discovered that dinosaurs were still alive today and asked for the 00 cyborgs help in catching one. Thus, Cyborgs 002, 005 and 009 went over to assist him. 

However, it was actually a trap, and the dinosaurs were really robots controlled by the doctor and his assistant, Dr. Keeley. Dr. Ross was hesitant to attack the cyborgs, as they contained state-of-the-art technology, but Keeley showed no concern, knocking him out of the way and taking control of the dinosaurs.

After Dr. Keeley left to go deal with 009 himself, Dr. Ross got up and disabled the traps holding 002 and 005, allowing them to go after Dr. Keeley.

Later, the three cyborgs arrive in the control room where Dr. Ross is. Dr. Ross confessed that he had created the three robot dinosaurs and apologized to the cyborgs for what he had done before passing away. 


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