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Dr. Santiago (also known as Dr. S. for short) is the main antagonist of the Vimeo short film, The Infection. He is a middle school science teacher and also a former college professor.



He was first seen teaching his science students during science class about invertebrates. He calls on Jacob who was asleep and asked him for the definition of an invertebrate. Since Jacob's response was just the fact that invertebrates do not have backbones, he told Jacob to pay more attention next time. Despite the fact that Jacob said it will not happen again, Dr. Santiago sent him on a two-hour detention for his lack of focus in class. After scolding Jacob, he suspiciously rushes his students out of the class.

Trying To Find Out What is Going On

After the detention, Will, one of Jacob's friends and sidekicks, volunteered to talk to Dr. Santiago about why he is acting suspicious. When Dr. Santiago answers Will after knocking on his door, he is a bit hostile towards him at first, but changed when Will complemented his classroom, which pleases and cause him to let him in. He then shows him the Toy Recreator 2000, which is an invention that relates broken toys quickly. Will then notices a serum and asked Dr. Santiago what it is for. This alarms Dr. Santiago, causing him to grab it from him and tell him to go to lunch.

The Trick

After Will got tricked into thinking that the film Dumb And Dumber was being shown in Dr. Santiago's class, he got caught and tied up by the kids Dr. Santiago brainwashed. After being informed that Susanna and Jacob refused to go, he sends Hunter and the others to find them.

Dr. Santiago's Motive and Defeat

During the climax of the film, he showed his true colors to Will, Jacob, and Susanna. After getting grilled by the three protagonists, he revealed that he created the serum to brainwash the students into obeying him and that he was fired from a university due to an experiment that went wrong. Then his boss comes in with Dr. Santiago's paycheck. However, the boss noticed the strange situation in the classroom and told Dr. Santiago to come with him. As he leaves the room with his boss, his paycheck got to torn in two by his outraged boss. Dr. Santiago was then arrested for what he did.


  • It is unknown what his experiment was since he never went into further detail about what happened.
  • He is the only villain in the film that is not brainwashed.

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