Dr. Sharon Chen is a minor character of the Disney Channel Original Series, Bunk'd. She is the mother of Tiffany Chen, one of the show's main characters.


Sharon Chen was an oppressive and abusive parent who cared only about Tiffany getting good grades and winning academic competitions and not about making Tiffany happy or letting her have fun. Before she changed her ways, Sharon was a fine example of the tyrannical parent that a lot of kids have the misfortune of being stuck with.


Tiffany has mentioned Dr. Chen several times throughout the series, but her only physical appearance was in the Bunk'd episode, Camp Stinky Waka. When Dr. Chen came to visit Camp Kikiwaka, Tiffany and her friends tried to convince Dr. Chen that Camp Kikiwaka was a camp for geniuses, but when the jig was up, Dr. Chen tried to take Tiffany home and make her write her mother an apology letter in 20 different languages. Before they could leave, Tiffany and her friends managed to convince Dr. Chen to let Tiffany stay at the camp and change her oppressive ways.


Dr. Chen's abusive and oppressive ways included...

  • Forcing Tiffany to play the violin, even though she's clearly not cut out for it.
  • Forcing Tiffany to do schoolwork to perfection and win academic contests, as opposed to Ravi doing these things willingly.
  • Kicking her son out of the house all because of one bad grade.
  • Intentionally not wishing Tiffany happy birthday on her birthday or letting her have birthday parties.
  • Forcing Tiffany to eat ribs in the shower, which does nothing for the flavor.
  • Refusing to let her daughter speak out against her.
  • Not letting Tiffany have any fun.
  • Only wants Tiffany to study hard to get into Harvard University
  • Doesn't care if Tiffany is happy or not.
  • Only doing what her mother did for her.
  • Wants Tiffany to follow in her footsteps.