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Huzzah! My life's work to create a machine that merges two animals is complete! In you go!
~ Dr. Siamese

Dr. Siamese is the main antagonist of Nitrome game Ribbit. He appears only in the beginning and ending of the game and is not interacted with during gameplay.


Dr. Siamese is a mad scientist who invented Merge-o-Matic, a machine meant to fuse animals together which he tested on a rabbit and a frog. The two animals came out fused together as a creature now known as Ribbit. Ribbit was angry at Siamese for being fused.

Siamese then ran away and created even more fused animals, daring Ribbit to catch him. In response, the creature starting chasing him.

Unfortunately for Dr. Siamese, Ribbit eventually caught up with him while he was putting even more animals in Merge-o-Matic. Ribbit knocks Siamese in the machine and he comes out fused with a spider, a giraffe, a fly, a crocodile and a rabbit. As a result, he is unable to do any other experiments.


Dr. Siamese comes across as insane, evident from his interest in fusing animals together. Despite this, he is clearly scientifically knowledgeable, as evidenced by him inventing Merge-o-Matic.



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