Silversmith believed that the gold standard is a currency that will soon become obsolete and that silver would be the new standard for it. Silversmith had his criminal organization smuggle silver out of America into Europe with statues being exported from his antique business. Silversmith murdered his own brother after his brother tried to blackmail him into getting a large share of the profits. Silversmith placed his brother within a hollow statue of the Batman and the statue ended up in a charity auction which fell and broke revealing that a murder occurred. Batman investigated the crime and found out that Silversmith was culprit. Batman defeated Silversmith and left him for Commissioner Gordon.

Later, Silversmith hired Rupert Thorne's brother the Crime Doctor to rob a drug company for him. The Crime Doctor claimed he knew who Batman was which prompted Silversmith to torture him to find out. Batman then arrived to rescue the Crime Doctor as the Crime Doctor was being fed with quicksilver.

Silversmith later was seen on a planet called Salvation to know why Lex Luthor should lead a the Legion of Doom when it should be him.

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