Doctor Stankfoot

Doctor Stankfoot

Dr. Stankfoot is one of the main villains in Zevo-3. Stankfoot was originally named Stanley K. Foot, the heir of the Foot family fortune and cause of the accident changing many people to mutants and turning him to stone.

When he was revived by the Zevo Compound, he realized his city had been demolished in favor of New Eden City.

He has shown the ability to create new lifeforms (Blacktop and Dark Materia) to mutating someone (Mutating Ronson into an insectoid-humanoid mutant).

He wishes to destroy New Eden City to regain his birthright. Stankfoot is one of the two main antagonists in the series. It is revealed that he and Ronson knew each other.

During his battle with Ronson in the season finale, Stankfoot was hit with Anti-Zevo and was reduced to slime as a result.