Doctor Clark Terdlington is a minor villain in the sitcom Sabrina the Teenage Witch, he is portrayed by Sherman Howard and appeared in "The Band Episode". He's a middle aged (presumably among Witch Lifespan standards) scientist who once competed against Sabrina's aunt, Zelda Spellman, for an investigation scholarship in the Other Realm. Terdlington ended up winning which devastated Zelda, but she was specially disgusted by the arrogant speech he gave so she materialized a whoopie cushion on his seat and embarrassed him in front of everyone.

During the episode, Zelda is close to discovering cold fusion but realizes she needs the one formula that Terdlington discovered, the obnoxious doctor takes advantage of the situation by having Zelda sit upon several ptooie cushions (though only one is shown) and having her call people using the phonebook to acknowledge not only Terdlington's superiority but also her incompetence.

Zelda finally snaps but to her surprise, the arrogant doctor reveals that he holds an affection for her to which Zelda falls and they go have dinner together. After Zelda inquires about the formula one last time, he denies and teases her by saying she will never have it and all she did was part of his plan for revenge. Enfuriated, she pushes him back to the portal and uses magic to take off his pants to get him back. Though he doesn't interact directly with Sabrina, her aunt warns her thorough the episode about being rude to people she despises because she could regret it one day.

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