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{{Villain_Infobox|Box title = EVIL-DOER
[[File:Two-Brains.jpg|thumb|250px|right|Dr. Two-Brains]]
|image = Two-Brains.jpg
|fullname = Steven Boxleitner
|alias = Steven Boxleitner (Birth Name)
Dr. Two-Brain's (Current alias)
|origin = Kind Scientist turned criminally insane due to botched experiment
|occupation = Evil Villain
|skills = Masterful Robotic Engineer and Scientist
Can chew through ANYTHING
Has heightened sense of smell
|hobby = Enjoys watching his stories
|goals = To have cheese and apse his second brain
To be the most feared villain in Fair City (Achieved)
|crimes = Holding the city and mayor hostage
attempt in robbery
Causing Property damage
multiply accounts of Theft
|type of villain = Mad Scientist
{{Quote|I'm kind of busy today. I got things to do, places to cheese. |'''Dr. Two-Brains to WordGirl in the episode Of Two Minds'''}}
{{Quote|I'm kind of busy today. I got things to do, places to cheese. |'''Dr. Two-Brains to WordGirl in the episode Of Two Minds'''}}

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Dr. Two-Brains

I'm kind of busy today. I got things to do, places to cheese.
~ Dr. Two-Brains to WordGirl in the episode Of Two Minds

Dr. Two-Brains is an antagonist in the PBS Kids show WordGirl.

He is voiced by Tom Kenny.

Character Description

Dr. Two-Brains was once a friend of WordGirl's known as Professor Steven Boxleitner, a kind, but easily distracted scientist. He made a device that was supposed to help people read into the minds of rodents. While doing this experiment, he was hooked up to a lab rat named Squeaky. When Boxleitner wasn't looking, Squeaky pushes a button which said "Holy Cow! Don't Touch This Button!" and the result fused his mind with Squeaky's. This causes Dr. Two-Brains to come into being. Still, on occasion, WordGirl does try to tell him to fight the other brain, to no avail. Dr. Two-Brains' main motive is to steal cheese in most of his appearances or threatens to turn the entire town in cheese. As a villain in this show, he takes great pride in being evil, and once tried to improve on his image when a new villain took his spot for the number one villain. He's also one of the few villains who have found out WordGirl's secret identity, and uses this advantage to kidnap her and her family. He is later hit by the amnesia ray, however. Also, besides WordGirl, he seems to know most of the words in the show, and even defines a few as well. Also, because of his other brain, his weakness is being scared by cats.

Physical Appearance

Steven Boxleitner was a brilliant scientist with chestnut brown hair and dark eyes. As Dr. Two Brains, however, he has white hair and red eyes, along with whiskers and a mouse brain fused to the side of his head, thus earning him the name "Dr. Two-Brains".


  • He can be seen as the main antagonist of the television series, as he's one of the few recurring villains in the series. In addition, he actually has a personal connection with WordGirl.
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