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Here kitty kitty.
~ Dr. Valentine as he lures Muriel and Floyd to NIMH.

Dr. Joseph Valentine, or better known as Dr. Valentine, is a cruel scientist who is revealed to be the head of the NIMH corporation. He is the unseen overarching antagonist of The Secret of NIMH and once again the overarching antagonist in The Secret of NIMH 2: Timmy to the Rescue.

He was voiced by Steve Mackall.


He originally used Martin for one of his neurological experiments and brainwashed him to insanity. It was not until Timmy made it to NIMH that Martin brainwashed him and made Dr. Valentine think that he was a dog.

Dr. Valentine is a chief researcher at NIMH, and has come to the Fitzgibbons' farm to search, in and around it, for any of the escaped rats.  He's brought one of his assistants with him, and they're both determined to find and capture as many rats as possible.

It was revealed that he captured the lost six and did his experiments on them and brainwashed them, including the humans themselves which made him act like dogs. He brainwashed Martin and they initially worked together before Martin betrayed him by brainwashing him and made him think that he was a dog. It is unknown what became of him after Martin was defeated, or if he survived the destruction of the building.


Dr. Valentine is a sinister fellow, with sunken eyes and a cold demeanor.



  • Being that he is the head of NIMH and the person responsible for brainwashing Martin, it is likely that he created Jenner as well. He was arguably the person that Farmer Fitzgibbons was in contact with. Therefore, he could be the Greater Scope Villain of the first film.
  • It is unclear if Dr. Valentine is the original scientist who created the Rats of NIMH or what the nature of his research was for (possible medical study, zoology study, biological warfare, black marketing, and anything else).
  • If Dr. Valentine injected Martin Brisby with the same drugs he experimented with on the Rats of NIMH, then Martin's insanity is partial proof that the NIMH performance enhancer does indeed have a small percent chance of causing it's animal patients to exhibit aggressive and violent tendencies as well as a disregard for others.
  • He did make humans act like dogs.
    • This would then prove that Jenner was most likely affected by this same percentage and logic.


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